5 Great Summer Renovation Projects for Family Homes


Looking for ways to make your home better for your family? Since summer is approaching, it may be a great time to take on some useful home improvement projects. Here are five home renovation ideas that you should take on this summer!

1. Renovate Your Attic

If you have unfinished attic space in your house, consider taking on an attic renovation to give your family a little more room to spread out. Attic renovations are ideal for creating new bedrooms, study spaces or even just a fun hangout space for the kids. Start by installing new drywall and applying appropriate finishes like paint, molding and light fixtures. Be sure to divert heating and air conditioning vents into the rooms to keep this new space comfortable. Once your new space is complete, you and your kids will appreciate the extra room to roam during all seasons of the year.

2. Install a Pool

Can you think of a better way to spend summer afternoons than taking a refreshing swim in your very own pool? Consider installing a pool in your backyard to provide your family with years of outdoor entertainment and fun. Make your pool unique by adding special features like a tanning shelf, water slide or even a hot tub for long evenings of relaxation after the sun goes down. Concerned that in ground pool cost will put this dream out of reach? Professional pool installation companies can help you with the design process and develop a construction strategy that works with your budget. Get ready for a season full of pool parties as a new pool will quickly make your home the most popular entertainment spot on the block!

3. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

For the utmost in outdoor entertainment luxury, consider building an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. When designing your kitchen, be mindful of the appliances you’ll use the most. Start with the basics like a grill and outdoor refrigerator. Add fun touches like a kegerator, wine refrigerator or an outdoor pizza oven to really set your outdoor kitchen apart from the rest. Use outdoor-friendly countertops and cabinets to frame your new space, and install a pergola or awning to provide shelter from the summer sun or the season’s infrequent downpours. You’ll be sure to spend many summer evenings with family and friends enjoying the warm weather and some excellent food!

4. Build a Playground

All kids know that summer is the best time of year for play. Encourage outdoor play and activity by building your children a brand-new playground. You could take the quick and easy route and purchase a complete playground kit, or build a custom playground that your kids are sure to love. When designing your new play space, include fun features like a slide, swings and even a mini rock-climbing wall. If you don’t know where to start when designing your playground, try asking your kids for the features they would love to use the most. Don’t forget to add some soft ground cover on all play areas to cushion falls and keep your kids safe. Your kids will appreciate having a new place to play, and you’ll appreciate the fact that they’ll be worn out and ready for bed by the end of the day!

5. Finish Your Basement

Does your home have an unfinished basement space that could be put to better use? Think about renovating your basement this summer to provide your family with a fun escape from the heat. There are so many ways to use your new finished basement. You could design one large recreation room to encourage your kids to let loose and play, or you could separate the space into individual zones. Think about creating a zone for crafting, one for television viewing and one for playing with toys and games. This is another area of the home that your family will use all year round, making this a very smart and useful renovation option.

Summer is an ideal time to take on some home improvement projects to make your home more comfortable for your family. By following these tips, you’ll be able to create the family-friendly home of your dreams!