5 Fun Craft Ideas To Do With Your Kids


Using Crafts to Keep Kids Occupied

When the kids have nothing to do, you can try doing some craft projects that will keep them occupied.

Five crafts that will keep them from being bored:

  1. Pet rock

  2. An aquarium made from cereal boxes

  3. Fish made using black glue

  4. Flowers made from toilet paper rolls

  5. No-Sew pillow

  6. Pet Rock

Materials needed:


Small terra-cotta pots


Googly eyes

Hot Glue or glue dots

Find rocks that will fit your pot. The rocks should be flat on one side so you can place the googly eyes. Clean off the rocks. If you will place them outside use outdoor paint. If not, then you can use acrylic paint. Paint the entire rock with green paint. You can use various shades of green. Once the paint is dry, you can use white paint to put lines or hash marks on them.

After the painting, use dry glue for the googly eyes. Place a little paper in the pot's bottom and then place the rock in the pot. Your project is complete.

  1. Aquarium Made from a Cereal Box

Materials needed:

Large cereal box


Kinetic Sand

Light green pipe cleaners

Google eyes

Paint, turquoise and silver



Fish template

X-Acto knife

Hot glue


Adults should be the ones using the X-Acto knife and hot glue.

By following these steps your kids will have hours of fun creating their own personal aquarium.

  1. Cut a square out of the front of the box.

  2. Paint the inside of the cereal box with the turquoise paint. The paint the outside with the silver paint.

  3. Now it is time to decorate the aquarium.

Place stones in the aquarium's bottom. Gluing the stones in place will help the aquarium stand up straight.

Kinetic sand is sand that sticks together. While, regular sand can be used kinetic sand is recommended as it stays in place. Place the sand on the bottom of the box.

They glue the green pipe cleaners to the bottom of the box being made to look like seaweed.

They add seashells to hide the bottom of the green pipe cleaners. You can also place shells wherever you want them. The shells should also be glued in place.

Make a fish template. Using any color, you choose cut out fish using the template.

Glue on googly eyes. Tape string to the back of the fish and attach it to the top of the box.

Your aquarium is complete.

  1. Fish Made from Black Glue

Materials needed:

White glue

Liquid watercolors

Card stock both white and colored

Silver glitter

Black acrylic paint

Trout template

First make the black glue. To do this, you mix the black acrylic paint with the white glue. Mix a little at a time until you have it the color that you want it to be. Make sure that the black glue is mixed really well.

You can find a rainbow fish template online and print it off. Trace the fish onto your card stock.

Paint the fish with the black glue. Move quickly to keep it from pooling. Even if it pools, it will just give your fish a unique look. Let the black glue dry overnight.

Now that your black paint is dry Use watercolors to paint the rainbow fish. Use a variety of colors. When it comes to painting the sky is the limit. Let the watercolor dry.

Once the watercolor is dry add glitter. Place glue on your fish where you want the glitter to be placed. Pour the glitter on to the fish and shake off the excess.

Glue the fish to colored paper and cut around it leaving a small edge.

  1. Flowers from Toilet Paper Rolls

Materials needed:

Toilet paper rolls

Green craft paint

Foam paint brush

Colored cardstock

Glue stick

Green glitter

Pom poms

Flower templates

Paint the toilet paper rolls green and allow them to dry.

Cut out the leaves making them around four inches long using the green-colored paper. Use a light green paper cut out smaller leaves. Sprinkle glitter on the small leaves and then glue them to the larger ones. Glue the leaves to the front of the toilet paper roll.

Using the templates for flowers you found online cut them out of different colors of paper. You can even free hand the flowers. Glue the pompoms onto the flowers. Cut a slit on each side of the toilet paper roll about a half inch. You slide the flower into this slit.

Your flower is done and ready to place on display.

  1. No Sew Pillow

Materials needed:

Cut of fleece fabric

Stuffing or a pillow insert

If using a pillow insert cut your material about four inches larger than your insert. If using stuffing, you can cut the material any size you want. You will need two of these.

Cut the material about every two inches and about four inches in toward the middle of the pillow.

Start at one corner and put the pillow together by tying knots in the two sides. Do this on three sides. When you get to the fourth side insert, the pillow insert or fill with stuffing. Continue tying knots on the fourth side.

After all, four sides are tied together it finishes your pillow.