5 Essential Design Ideas for Every Home


Looking to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood? Choose the right home improvement projects to turn your house into the impressive and tasteful home of your dreams. Here are five essential design ideas that can improve the look of any home.

1. Organize Your Garage

Don’t look at your garage as just a catch-all for items that can’t properly be stored in the house. If you can’t fit your car in your garage due to the volume of stuff you store in your garage, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and organize this valuable space. Most importantly, you need to get items up from the floor to provide your garage with clear floor space. Instead of standard wall shelves for storage, choose an overhead garage storage system to free up your floor space. You’d be surprised at just how much an organized garage contributes to family harmony and improves the overall appearance and utility of your home so get your garage in order today!

2. Update Your Landscaping

Every stylish home needs exquisite landscaping to match. Spend some time getting your landscaping in excellent shape. Start by maintaining your lawn, keeping it lush and green by mowing it regularly and applying eco-friendly lawn treatments. It’s also recommended to trim trees and bushes away from your property, and it’s especially important to keep your entryways completely clear from plants and greenery. Finally, don’t forget to plant plenty of colorful flowers throughout your property. As an added special touch, install flower boxes below your front windows. Your neighbors and guests will be sure to appreciate your hard work, and your green thumb!

3. Add Outdoor Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting throughout your property is a great way to set your home apart from the rest and fully showcase the unique features of your home and grounds. You don’t have to consult an outdoor lighting expert to add some flair to your outdoor spaces – some strategically placed lighting is all it takes, and this can be done yourself. By using spotlights, you can light trees and other landscaping features, as well as architectural aspects of your home such as columns and roof eaves. You’ll also want to install new lighting around your entrances, including your front door and around your garage door. For a finishing touch, place solar-powered lanterns along all walkways and paths to light the way for guests as they arrive.

4. Revitalize Your Entrances

Give your entrances a fresh and modern look by installing new doors. Start with your front door. For resale and aesthetic value, choose a solid steel door in a finish that matches with the overall style of your home. Dress up your new door with a solid brass or nickel hardware, as well as upgraded locks to provide an extra layer of protection for your home and belongings. To give your home an instant curb appeal boost, install a new garage door with contemporary hardware like handles and hinges. In addition, install vinyl trim around your garage door as an added architectural detail that will provide your home with added visual interest and undeniable curb appeal.

5. Add Interior Details

To take your home’s appearance to the next level, dress up your interior spaces by adding some stylish details. It’s easy to make your kitchens and baths look richer and more luxurious by simply switching out old hardware with a more modern option. In addition, consider installing millwork in each room of your home to give your spaces some interesting architectural details. Quality crown molding and floor molding will give each room of the house a finished look. When it comes to adding interior detail, there are so many options. Whatever you choose, make sure your unique touches fit with the overall style you’re aiming to achieve in your home.

It only takes a few strategic home improvements to make your home more stylish and sophisticated. By following these tips, you’ll turn your home into a truly stylish showpiece that your family will love and your neighbors will envy!