5 Books That Provide Hope For Planet Earth

Loretta Jane

Many climate change books are hard to read simply because they are too depressing. Several recent climate change books, though, are different. These books don't just list the terrible things happening to the planet, they offer solutions. So in essence, these books are offering us hope; a way out of our dilemma. This kind of climate change book is easy to read.

1. The Switch by Chris Goodall

Many climate experts are saying that fossil fuel's years are numbered. In fact, this book says that in about 10 years, we will have switched completely to environmentally friendly energy and better ways to store it for when we need it most. According to Goodall, solar power, especially when stored in a solar battery, is our future. New houses are being built with solar panels or solar shingles, and solar "farms" are springing up along many highways. It seems America will be ready for the switch soon.

2. The Soil Will Save Us by Kristin Ohlson

Here is a concept that probably most people haven't realized. We know that carbon in the air is the main cause of global warming. But how did the carbon get there? As the author explains, letting the ground lie exposed and dried out after harvesting crops, damages the microorganisms in the soil, making them lose their hold on the carbon. When this happens, the carbon leaves the soil and transfers to the air.

Many farmers are now doing things differently like covering the bare soil after the crops have been harvested to keep it from totally drying out and disturbing the microorganisms in it. These new farmers are calling themselves soil or microbe farmers and putting a lot of their energy into improving and conserving their fields. This will get that carbon out of the air and back into the soil where it belongs.

3. The Story of More by Hope Jahren

This book is divided into five main sections: life, food, energy and Earth. It talks about how the same great spirit that pushed Americans to invent and explore is the only thing that can get us out of the global warming fix. It lets us know how bad things are, but also encourages us to take our incessant demand for more and better experiences, machines and exotic foods and turn it into an incessant desire to heal the planet.

4. The Future We Choose by Christiana Figueres 

A description of what will happen to the world if we don't halt global warming paints a very grim picture. Thankfully, the author doesn't leave us there, but encourages us to each do our part to lower the planet's temperature together.

We are the generation and this decade is the time when humanity needs to halt the heating of this planet. The ways in which each individual can do their part to get us out of this dilemma in time is to do these three things: fly less, eat less meat, and use cleaner energy like solar and wind power. The author emphasizes that there is still time and gives concrete solutions.

5. The Urban Fix by Douglas Kelbaugh

In this book we are introduced to the concept of heat islands, urban areas with much higher levels of heat than the surrounding areas. Some ideas to fix this seem relatively easy to do. One is to plant more trees and to paint the roofs of buildings white. Gardens can also be planted on city building roofs; either to grow food or attract pollinators with regional wildflowers.

Another suggestion can't help already established metropolitan areas like Chicago and New York City, but it could be put into place when planning new cities or sections of cities.

Apparently, heat tends to be released better in irregular street patterns than in square ones.

Instead of becoming depressed at the state of the world, reading one of these books may inspire you. Doing something instead of just worrying will have a positive affect on both your mental health and on the planet.