5 Beneficial Snacks for College Students

Team Mom Snack Ideas | Soccer Team Snacks | 2017
Team Mom Snack Ideas | Soccer Team Snacks | 2017

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Staying healthy in college

There's a reason for the term "Freshman 15," when a student enters their first year of college, it is very common to gain weight due to the often sitting and studying at a higher rate than they are used to. There are many ways to avoid the certain weight gain that comes along with the dorm room full of junk food as well as the delicious food being served three times a day in the school cafe. Let's not forget about the many restaurants and edible gift shops that are located around campus. Sure, you can spend more time in the gym to

Trail mix

Trail mix and various assortments of nuts are great for many reasons. Nuts are dry food that do not require refrigeration. They also have a great time frame for expiration which means they can be snacked on for longer periods of time with proper storage. This is a great option to help consume daily protein. Trail mix is also perfect for a quick snack on the way to class, or even in the back of the classroom. Avoiding salted snacks to stay on the healthy side, this option is studying proof because there's practically no mess being left to clean.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is usually considered "brain food." Fruit is great both frozen and fresh so there an option for storage as well. The most common fruit for on-the-go college students consists of avocados, bananas, apples, raisins, grapes, and berries. Each fruit has a nice "shelf life" so they are pretty much good for up to a week unless you chose to refrigerate or freeze them. There are many dips and salads that you are able to whip up in a quick manner with these ingredients so that you can mix up your flavor. Essentially, fruit is great for students because of the nutritional value and cost efficiency as well.

Herbal Tea

Caffeine seems to be a staple product when it comes to college students. Herbal tea is a great substitute for coffee and other energy drinks. One side effect of caffeinated beverages is the fact that there can be jittery feeling or shaking when the alertness is beginning to wear off. Because herbal teas are all-natural it is easier to consume, let your body digest and absorb all of the properties that are being released from the plants.

Tea generally has less caffeine content however, the progressive, natural release of caffeine has a much greater effect overall. Avoiding unnatural sugars and sweeteners is another sure way to avoid the "crashing" effect. There are a few ways to sweeten herbal teas such as honey, agave and maple syrup.

Banana Bread

This simple, usually homemade recipe is sure to keep you full as well as mentally alert. All sweet tooth cravings are sure to be taken care of as well. There are many ways to bake banana bread I'll link a post to the best healthy banana bread recipe that is most commonly used. The best bananas to bake with are those that are too ripe to eat. This allows the banana bread to be extremely moist and increases the sweetness as well. Coconut oil and honey are two major components that are great alternatives to butter and sugar. Whole wheat flour is great as an alternative as well. There are many ways to swap out healthy foods but these are the most common to help you accomplish the best healthy banana bread.


All-natural oatmeal is great for any time of day. This snack can be spruced up with any of the snacks listed above. There are many benefits for this snack is that is a great space saver. All that is necessary for great oatmeal is boiling water or milk. Brown sugar is great for sweetening but certain fruits are also able to get the job done. Oatmeal is also easy to eat on-the-go. All of the snacks listed above are great for on-the-go, some may take a little preparation but they are enjoyable and barely messy.