4 Tips to Furnishing the Master Bedroom as a Couple

Loretta Jane

When it comes to moving in together, many couples can get caught up in the excitement of having a shared space where they get to spend more time together. In addition to figuring out the logistics of some combined expenses, partners need to take into consideration different aspects of living together such as dietary preferences, sleeping arrangements and storage space. If you are looking to move in with your partner soon, take a glance at some of the tips listed below.

Good Sleep is Necessary

It’s easy to forget how important a good night’s sleep is until you haven’t gotten any for a week straight. There are many unique factors that can have impact in whether someone gets a good night’s sleep. Talk to your partner about whether they have certain needs at night, whether that involves complete silence, white noise, a fan circulating air or total darkness. You will also want to take into consideration whether you or your partner could have your sleep interrupted by the presence of another due to movement, noise or lack of space. Go out of your way to make sure there is more than enough room for you in your shared bed. For example, when it comes to comparing queen vs full size mattresses, consider how much room you and your partner individually need in addition to how much space you have available in the master bedroom.

Televisions Get Mixed Reviews

Discuss with your partner his or her preferences when it comes to having a television set in the master bedroom. There are many conflicting opinions regarding this preference, and both options come with plenty of pros and cons. If you and your partner enjoy watching morning shows together immediately upon waking up or are happily engaged in a habit of watching movies to fall asleep to, having a TV in your master bedroom may be beneficial. If not, you may want to consider keeping the TV to the living room. When it comes to furnishing the bedroom, many professionals recommend creating an environment that focuses on sleep. By keeping the TV out of the bedroom, you can avoid losing hours of sleep to late-night TV shows. The glare of the screen can also detract from good sleep. Lastly, television sets can be guilty of attracting excess dust. If you do decide that the benefits of having a TV in your shared master bedroom outweigh the cons, have a cleaning routine set in place to help keep your entertainment center dust-free.

Storage Space is Key

You will need to make sure that you and your partner both have an adequate amount of storage space. In addition to helping you avoid conflict about not having enough room to store items that are important to you, having more than enough storage space will help both of you keep your room organized. Discuss with your partner his or her current needs when it comes to items that are kept in the master bedroom. Take the time to separately go through your personal items to see if anything can be donated or recycled to avoid bringing items neither of you need or want. When it comes to deciding what storage space solutions to use, research different organizational methods that can contribute to a tidier room. For example, if you and your partner have a large number of clothes, you may want to use more drawers and shelves to store folded clothing rather than attempting to hang all of your clothing items in your shared closet.

Extra Blankets Can Help

Keep an extra blanket or two stored in your bedroom. If you or your partner struggle to sleep in a shared bed, having two separate blankets can make it easier. This also helps if you have different temperature preferences at night.

You can make your master bedroom a warm and harmonious space for you and your partner by implementing the tips listed above.