4 Home Improvements That Are Worth the Investment

Kevin Gardner

Your home is one of your crowning achievements. Whether you built it or purchased one that was already standing, you take great pride in making it look nice and function well for your family. As the years go by, however, you may have to start making tough choices when it comes to how much more money you want to sink into it. If you believe you may sell it at some point, you want to try and make improvements that will bring you back a higher return for your investment. Take a peek at four such projects that can improve your life now and help boost the price of your future sale.

1. Kitchens and Bathrooms

You have probably heard that the highest return on investment comes from improving the kitchen and bathrooms. While you may believe this means a total tear-down is warranted, this may not always be the case. Buyers these days want to see certain things in kitchens, like granite or quartz countertops. When spending a large amount of money in the kitchen, you may want to focus on layout and countertops. Get rid of cramped or awkward quarters if possible. You may not have to scrap the cabinets entirely. You may get away with adding a fresh coat of paint or stain or simply adding new hardware. Appliances are also an integral part of creating a classy and desirable kitchen for buyers. Upgrading white or black appliances with stainless steel or black stainless steel may almost immediately add perceived value to the space. In the bathroom, getting rid of tired linoleum floors and space-taking vanities are two great ways to update any bathroom and add value.

2. Adding Square Footage

If you have always wanted a den or an office, you may find that your existing space isn't enough. With some planning and the right contractor, you may be able to convert a garage or a porch into a fully enclosed and functioning space. Yes, this type of home improvement project will set you back a pretty penny, but you will also see a return on that when it comes time to list it. Adding square footage to a house is an excellent way to up the value and add something that buyers will be able to use right away. Make sure you get the proper permits and have the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems run professionally, so you don't run into a problem when it comes time to list it.

3. Sprucing Up the Outside

Curb appeal is something that goes a long way in bringing in top dollar for your home. A new coat of paint, all new landscaping, and perhaps a porch addition all help to not only draw the eye to the house but also potential buyers. Landscape design experts can help you lay out a beautiful yet easy to maintain yard. Paver stones add color and class to a tired and cracked driveway. Don't forget your backyard. Adding some outdoor entertaining space, like something that swimming pool contractors Santa Rosa Beach can develop, may also invite buyers who want to enjoy a whole-home experience.

4. Maintaining the House

It may seem like this goes without saying, but performing essential and necessary maintenance on your home helps to increase the value on closing day. Some buyers want a house that's move-in ready, and if a home inspection reveals necessary maintenance items that need addressing, you may lose valuable prospects and closing cash. Take the time to replace things like hot water heaters and garbage disposals when they need it. More significant maintenance issues, like repairing a roof, may take a lot out of you. However, some mortgage companies will not fund the purchase of a home with a failing, out-of-date roof. As such, it's best to keep everything running smoothly as you go.

You may have no plans to sell your house anytime soon, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make improvements to fit your needs. Just keep in mind that some will wind up netting you more cash when you do decide to make a move.