4 Easy Ways To Stay In Shape As A Parent


As parents it is very important to stay in shape. Not only does being in better physical shape allow you to run after your kids easier but it also allows your joints and muscles to stay more flexible as you age. Staying in shape as a parent also sets a good example for children. Although it can seem like a hard and overwhelming task, especially when parents are already exhausted there are some simple tips and tricks parents can do to help stay in better shape. Below are just a few simple ways.


Many underestimate the benefits of drinking water. Not only does it help the body but it also helps the skin as well as the mind. Being hydrated allows the body to have more energy and elasticity. Drinking 5 to 10 cups of water every single day can not only help you flush out toxins but can also help you shed excess weight. If water is too boring try adding lemon or other fruits and vegetables to add some flavor. Some other good alternatives to add to your diet include tea as well as seltzer which are both extremely low in calories and still help the body to get hydrated.

Care For Your Skin

It’s something we can forget about easily. As we go throughout our day our skin goes through a lot. We are out and about, touching things and get some sun as well. Too much sun can cause us to look aged prematurely. It’s important to protect our skin. This can be done in many forms. A preventative way is to use a bit of sunscreen or lotion with sun protection in it. Beyond that there are a lot of options for skin care and reparation. A good place to start is looking at peoples reviews of items that are available. Thrive Reviews is a good example of a reviewed skin cream. Be sure to do some research into what will work best for you.

Stock The House With Good Food

Another way to help parents make better choices when eating is to only stock the house with good food choices. For the most part if "bad" foods are not around most people will not go out of their way to go to the store to purchase them and they will simply eat one of the good snacks or avoid eating altogether. Some good things to fill the house with include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and wholesome whole grain foods such as oatmeal. This helps parents as well as kids as they will not be filled with high sugar processed snacks and foods all day.

Play With Your Kids

While it is true that nowadays more kids prefer being on some kind of electronic device there are still many kids who enjoy getting out and enjoying the outdoors. It is even easier for them to want to get out and enjoy other activities if parents are not only encouraging kids but also participating in the activities with them. On a hot summer day head to the pool and get in some good exercise by doing a few laps with the kids. On a cold winter day perhaps there is some indoor rock climbing or other sports available. As an added incentive perhaps make a prize or reward for the winning team. Maybe the losing team cooks them dinner or even has to wash the dishes after a meal. Kids love to be rewarded and honestly so do most adults.

Overall there are many different things you can do as a parent to help stay in shape. Getting in some light exercise everyday is the key to remaining healthy. Some other great exercises and activities that can also be done with kids include walking, rollerblading, biking and even hiking.