3 Ways To De-Stress While Going Through A Family Crisis

Kevin Gardner

A number of events can cause a family crisis. It may be the death of someone in the family that causes emotional and physical upset. A developmental crisis could occur where someone gets married, another child is born, or kids have a significant event at school. While most developmental events seem normal, they do have emotional and physical effects on family members that may not be immediately known. Family members need to communicate openly and honestly during times of change to ensure that transitions happen as smoothly as possible. Structural crises may occur in the form of divorce, loss of job or a home, and substance abuse. In times like these it becomes hard to find ways to recovery within the family unit, so outside help is recommended to make sure that all members of the family are attended to.

Signs of stress in families

Families that are experiencing times of hardship and challenge tend to have some patterns that they fall into as they attempt to cope with difficulties. They may:

  • Distance themselves from one another as they try to cope
  • Fight more frequently
  • Find it difficult to plan quality time together as a way to rebuild relationships
  • Experience sleeplessness, lethargy, anxiety, and loss of appetite as they work through feelings
  • Engage in exaggerated behaviors as a result of trying to process difficult emotions

When family members react to these symptoms being shown and demonstrated, it can be even more difficult to overlook behaviors and deal with the root cause of stress that is taking place within the family structure.

Taking care of yourself during crisis

It is essential that you find ways to manage your stress while going through any type of change; as a parent, it is even more critical that you find ways to care for yourself that also allow you to be present for children that may have needs. Taking care of yourself physically is important in a crisis as well, for you may be called upon to compensate for the weaknesses of others. Le-Vel thrive products are excellent for providing premium nutrition that can strengthen you in times when you most need it. In taking care of your needs, you can then attend to those that are also affected by the family environment so that you can heal and grow together. Here are some things you can do to de-stress while going through a family crisis.

Accept the situation for what it is

Many people resist situations that they find themselves in initially as an attempt to maintain the prior state of "normal". In well-functioning families, family members accept the new situation for what it is and then rise to the challenge, pooling resources and supporting each other through the difficult times that follow. Acceptance will work far more efficiently than resisting the challenge, for it will allow you to work more quickly toward resolution.

Resist the urge to blame one another

Regardless of the situation you find yourselves in, it is fruitless to lay blame on each other as a means of trying to feel better about your situation. A supportive, well-functioning family will attempt to find solutions that don't place blame on any one or two family members, for they realize that they are all strengthened when the team is strengthened.

Practice patience and forgiveness

If the situation calls for it, a dose of patience and some forgiveness will do wonders for your own soul and your blood pressure. The situation you are facing may not have arisen overnight; it may take awhile for it to correct itself again. Be positive, proactive, and patient in your dealings with your loved ones, and you will all be stronger on the other side of the adversity.

Manage stress proactively

Stress can be a detriment to mind, body, and spirit. Do what you can to manage your stress and that of others by practicing the following on a consistent basis:

  • Gain control in areas of your life that you can.
  • Remain positive and optimistic despite your situation.
  • Praise each others' strengths, and do what you can to build self esteem for all of you
  • Practice gratitude for the little things
  • Stick together to see yourselves through your difficulty

Through thick and thin-----this is what family is all about. No matter what crisis you are facing, there is always something to be grateful for. Slow down, take a deep breath, and focus on the things that you can control while accepting what needs to change. You'll be stronger as a result

of facing these challenges, and you may even be able to help others overcome their adversities as well with your stories of triumph and change.