3 Tips to Improve Your Backyard


Your home should be a refuge from the world: a place you can go to reset, recharge yourself and focus on the things that really matter. Unfortunately, many people never get their homes to feel quite like the sanctuaries that they should be. Backyards, in particular, can be difficult to incorporate into your functional living space in a way that refreshes you, not stresses you out. Here are three ways you can make your backyard the retreat that you will look forward to visiting every chance that you get.

A Water Feature Can Create the Oasis Environment that You Desire

Nothing is quite as relaxing as the sound of water. One of the most powerful ways you can transform your backyard into an oasis retreat is with a water feature. Building a pool is an excellent option that can promote the health of your family and give you all the reasons you need to spend time outdoors. Swimming pool pricing varies enough to make this a viable option for any application. Building a fountain, a fish pond or a birdbath can be an awesome way to incorporate a water feature that will enhance the aesthetics of your backyard environment without a large commitment. It's a good idea to decide if you want to incorporate a water feature into your backyard getaway before other design elements limit your options.

Create Shade and Privacy with Plants, Pergolas and Fabrics

Creating a sense of isolation can be just what your backyard needs to capture that spa-like feeling. Building a pergola over your patio can give you a little shade and block the view of your neighbors. Hanging outdoor canvas fabrics from your pergola is an attractive way to enhance your privacy and truly extend your home into your backyard.

Another appealing option to create privacy is with the creative use of plants. Most people worry about attracting insects by allowing vines to grow around their patios, but they can also attract many beneficial animals like lizards and spiders that control insect populations. Some plants, including citronella and marigolds, are powerful mosquito repellents and planting them around your backyard can not only enhance the privacy and beauty of your outdoor environment but can control those pesky, biting insects as well. Grub control is essential to make sure you don’t have any brown patches in the grass, or any long term grass damage. Grub control and other plants can attract beneficial insects that control the many pests that terrorize your garden.

Enhance Your Space With an Outdoor Kitchen, Music or a Fire Pit

While it's nice to use your backyard as an escape from the world of technology, bringing a little bit of the amenities of the indoors into your backyard can make it a more compelling place to spend time with your friends and family. An outdoor kitchen is not just an attractive feature that makes your backyard space more livable, it can be a great investment as well. According to the experts at Inman an outdoor kitchen can yield return on investment of up to 200 percent. Other sources put the return on outdoor kitchens as low as 55 percent, which is still high compared to many additions you could choose for your backyard. Adding a fire pit with a grilling area can be a less expensive alternative that can be easily deconstructed if you desire. Adding an outdoor sound system can be a relatively inexpensive way to bring a little of the comfort of home to your outdoor space. Listening to relaxing music, a book on tape or a podcast while enjoying a soak in the sun sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.

What Kind of Space Will Give You the Most Enjoyment?

Whether you decide to build a serene, spa-like space by incorporating a water feature and a beautiful garden, or you want to create the ideal environment for hosting a party, a few well-planned additions can transform your backyard from an unused space into your favorite feature of your home.