3 Reasons Routines are Awesome


How would you describe your life? Is it predictable and planned out, or is it one big jumble that leaves you stressing? Maybe you're somewhere in between. Often times the difference between a good day and a not-so-good day boils down to this — having a routine. If you're struggling with establishing one or are skeptical, read on. These three reasons could be your secret to finally getting it all together!

1.) Routines Keep You Balanced

Have you found yourself in a rut? Maybe you're staying in pajamas for much longer than you should, the kids are binge watching before breakfast and before you know it, it's almost lunch time and you don't even know what just happened. Maybe you're chronically late or you have trouble meeting deadlines. Maybe you're struggling to make a commitment to a diet and exercise plan, but you can't seem to stay consistent enough for it to make a difference. The best way to succeed? Get yourself into a routine that accommodates your life but also sets parameters, while serving as your compass each day. Take advantage of resources available to help you stick to your routine — day planners are great for this, and you can boost success with diet and exercise by starting a program you can lean on for support. Power Life with Tony Horton is a good example, offering different types of supplements for everything from daily maintenance to specific formulas targeted to personal needs or goals.

2.) Routines Keep You Honest

Have you ever checked the clock to see it's been six hours since you meant to respond to your mom's "Good morning" text? Is your family frustrated that you missed dinner again due to another conference call scheduled at the last minute? It's true that things don't always go as planned and your routine won't always stick, but you should still prioritize things that are important to you... such as setting time aside to get back to personal texts or emails, or making sure you're wrapped up with work in time for dinner with your family. Remember that it's healthy to have personal interests and connections — and they need fostering as well. The last thing you want is to end up resenting your routine because you feel like it didn't leave time for the things you deem important, so take a good look at the whole picture when planning.

3.) Routines Keep You Clear

It's inevitable that you'll feel foggy and out of sorts if you've got one too many thoughts, worries or to-dos racing around in your head. Routine to the rescue! Set aside a block of time each day so you can breathe and reflect. Not only will taking this time give you the clarity you need to thrive, it can be comforting as well thanks to its predictability. And for those days when life happens and you can't snag those five minutes when you want to, adjust your routine so at some point in the day you can. Maybe it means trading in your break room coffee and weekend catch up for a quick walk around the block to get your blood pumping. Maybe it means you skip your nightly show and draw a hot bath instead. Maybe it means you put off laundry so you can snag a quick cat nap on the couch because your toddler finally succumbed to sleep. Whatever it is, the time is yours. Use it.

Everybody is different. Different lifestyles, different needs. No routine is going to be the same, nor should they be — but the benefits of having one are pretty universal! So if you're looking to create order in your life and in your mind, are ready to start and maintain healthier habits and just want to have a more positive outlook, you could find a good routine to be your new best friend.