3 Important Ways to Care For Your Furry Friends


While it may seem foreign to some, pets are often valued as a member of the family among pet owners. This means that caring for them is a major priority, but that can be stressful for pet owners, because it can be hard to understand the needs of your furry friends. Pets’ needs are different from those of human beings, and they can’t exactly tell you what they need. Here’s what you need to know.


Pet nutrition is wildly different from your own, as it differs not only between humans and animals, but also between most species. It’s well known that dogs and cats are carnivorous, for example, meaning that they eat primarily meat. However, this isn’t a universal rule, as they need nutrients that aren’t necessarily present in meat, and they will gladly accept vegetables and fruits under the right conditions. Likewise, they can often be seen eating grass as a means of calming an upset stomach. Instead of playing the guessing game as to what your pet can and will eat, you can instead comb the internet for Nutra Thrive offers in order to guarantee your pet’s nutrition from a single source. On the other hand, some otherwise innocuous foods are poisonous to pets. For example, both cats and dogs can suffer kidney failure from even small amounts of grapes, and both species are made sick by ingesting onion and garlic. While you can trust your pet’s nutrition to the right pet food, you also need to do your own research in order to determine what foods to avoid.


You’re likely aware that your cat or dog has a strong desire to play, especially at a younger age. However, what you might not realize is that playing with toys alone doesn’t often provide an adequate amount of exercise for your pet. This is the primary reason that dogs are taken for walks, and it’s likely also the reason that they love to do so. Taking your dog for a walk every day for an hour or more each day should provide adequate exercise not only for them, but also some for you. Unlike humans, however, dogs are quadrupeds and engage most of their body in the acts of walking and running, and the rest can easily be maintained by playing with toys using their jaws and neck. Cats are a different story, however. Cats like to play with toys to an extent, but cats are more likely to outgrow toys, and they are also more likely to resist being walked on a leash. However, cats are also much more agile than dogs, and they can more safely be left outside to wander as they wish. In either case, be sure to check your pets for ticks after they’ve been exposed to foliage, as ticks can hide in their fur and make them sick.

Mental Stimulation

Just like pets need to work their bodies, they also need to work their minds. Mental stimulation is important to both physical and mental health, and indoor pets aren’t engaged on the same passive level that nature provides. Therefore, you need to bridge the gap and keep your pets engaged. Dogs are easily taken care of in this regard, as they are receptive to training that can teach them new words and new tricks. Cats, on the other hand, resist training, so it can be hard to know how to engage them. Some cat toys are able to offer them the ability to climb and explore or engage their hunting instincts, so investing in these is a wise alternative. However, cats that spend a lot of time outdoors are again taken care of in this regard.

Taking care of your pets will require plenty of work, but it’s often more simple than it appears. Pets’ needs are similar to your own, such as diet, exercise, and mental health. While there are differences therein, these tips will help you understand those differences in order to give your pet the level of care that they deserve.