Why You Should Keep a Clean House


Was your mother one of those people who made sure the house was spotless, even if cleaning had to happen at the end of the day when she was exhausted? Now that you’re grown you may wonder how she had the energy to clean (and why she bothered). But as usual, your mother probably knew what she was doing and had good reasons for what she did. A clean home makes for a happy home, for many reasons!

A Clean Home Is Better for Your Kids

Your floor may range from slightly annoying (a few dust bunnies on your hardware floor) to disgusting (with old, stained carpet). If the thought of letting your kids play on the floor stresses you out, it may be time for either a good sweeping and mopping or a good rug cleaning. Make sure your floor is suitable for babies crawling, kids playing board games, and all the other fun they might miss out on if your floor is in need of some upkeep.

A Clean Home Means Fewer Germs

A dirty bathroom not only looks bad, but let’s face it – when a bathroom is dirty it can be pretty disgusting and is full of germs. But who wants to clean the bathroom? It’s definitely one of the most hated chores there is. Instead of dreading it as a weekly chore, break it up into little bits throughout the week. It is much better to take a few minutes every day rather than an hour on a precious Saturday afternoon!

A Clean Home Keeps Bugs Away

While we are on the topic, give your kitchen counters a good cleaning before bed each night, and make sure there are no crumbs or food left on the counter. It takes only a stray crumb for ants and roaches to start moving in, and they can be difficult to get rid of. And in the case of roaches, you may not even know they are in your kitchen until you just happen to spot one.

A Clean Home Invites Guests

A messy house can also cause stress when people drop by unexpectedly. If you have friends or family that enjoy a surprise visit now and then, look at it as the perfect reason to keep your home tidy and to get rid of some of those piles of stuff that have accumulated over the years.

A Messy Home Can Wear You Down

Studies show that too much clutter can cause stress and anxiety and affect your motivation, your productivity, and your creativity. If you are ready to get rid of clutter but it seems too overwhelming, remember that you don’t have to get rid of it all at once. There are many tips you can find on the internet to help you get rid of and/or organize your home a little at a time.

A clean house is good for your family’s mental and physical health. It kills disgusting germs, helps you to avoid a bug infestation, ensures that you don’t have to be ashamed of your home when guests drop by, and helps to reduce the level of stress in your life.