What To Do When Your Child Isn’t Doing Well In School


We’ve all had problems in school. Whether it’s a teacher, the subject matter, or we had trouble turning in a school project on time. What about your child though? Of course, we all want our children to do well in school. However, there may come a time when they need help in school themselves.

Get Involved

One of the best ways you can help your child is by getting involved in their school. How does this help them? Well, it allows you to work closely with their teacher to help your child improve in the areas they’re having trouble with. Talk to the teacher and try to find if there’s more coursework your child can do as practice. Ask if reading along with your child will help them with their homework.

Another amazing way to get involved is to volunteer as the teacher’s assistant for a day or two. This will allow you to see how your child learns the source material first hand before you take action. Information is key here, and it shows your child you’re concerned about their education. So get involved in their school whenever possible.

Help with Homework

Homework is a good way for children to practice new concepts learned in the classroom. This also helps them to pick up new skills being taught as well. One way you can help your children with homework is to go over it with them. Check the material to see if it’s correct. Work with your child to set up a time to do their homework they can meet every day. They should do their homework in a quiet place away from distractions like a TV or computer. Also, be sure to discuss with your child’s teacher about what kind of homework is assigned for each class. This way you can better understand what your child is working on and help them.

Make Home a Good Place

Academic performance is closely linked to how a situation is at home. When your child is at home make it a good place for them to do homework. Praise them for progress they make in and out of the classroom. Provide your child with expectations you wish them to meet. This way they know to hold themselves to a certain degree. When they do meet your expectations be sure to not only praise them, but encourage them to aim higher. Be sure to also be the role model in the household when it comes to getting work done. Children copy their parents, and will follow your lead.

Be patient when working alongside your child when it comes to school. For some children, school is very easy. For others school can be difficult for them to grasp. There may also be other underlying problems such as bullying that may have an effect on your child’s school performance. Talk with their teacher and discuss ways to help your child in school. With time and patience, you will help your child improve.

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I've both kids in primary school and both have tantrums each time it comes to homework. I'm using different strategies and parenting methods like 1-2-3 magic and trying to help them as much as I can with home assignments but in vain. And in fact, what is worse, they are supporting each other in their attempts to break my temper.

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Sending your child off for their very first day of school is a nerve wracking experience. So much of their future seems to depend on this single day. There are always doubts about whether or not they are really ready to begin learning, if their mind is ready to absorb knowledge, and if they will make lifelong friends.


I think Homework is a good way for children to practice new concepts learned in the classroom. This also helps them to pick up new skills being taught as well.


Great article.For some people, all the stars are aligned at the right time—motivation, skill and attitude combine to create a successful outcome. But for most of us, it’s way trickier and a much more uneven path to motivation and success.