What Features and Qualities to Look for in a Dream House


Getting to a place in life where we can afford and acquire our dream home is a big step in our life. This gives us a chance to come up with a list of features and qualities that we are looking for in our perfect place. Finding a home that has all of the features that we are looking for may be an impossible task, keep in mind spaces can also be modified to include everything on our aspirational lists. This is the time to dream big, so here are some key qualities that you may want in your dream house.

A Pool

Having a pool in your backyard gives you the ideal place to relax and unwind, while also providing you space to exercise. This is a key feature for adults and children alike. Whether your dream house has a pool or you have a yard big enough to create this, this is the perfect accessory for any home. If the home does not have one, make sure that you evaluate the cost of an inground pool into your budget.

Room for Growth

Many people evaluate homes for the size, space and features that they need right now; however, it is important to keep in mind today and for the future. This includes bedrooms, storage space and even the backyard. If this property is going to be a place where you want to spend many years to come, make sure that you evaluate it for your circumstances now and moving forward. You don’t want to decide to increase your family size and then realize there is not enough room.

Open Sight Lines

Open floor plans have gained popularity over the past several years, and this is particularly popular for those who love the more modern designs and for families. Not only do open floor plans with clear sightlines offer expansive spaces that look quite beautiful, but they also offer busy parents the capability of keeping an eye on their children. These types of spaces offer a great deal of utility and flexibility within the space, making the layout highly desirable.

Window Placement

An area that many potential homebuyers often give very little thought to is the placement of windows within a home. These particular aspects in homes play a key role in heating, lighting and sleep. While natural light is a huge selling point, you may also need to consider the time of day where the light will be pouring in. If all of the bedrooms are facing eastward, you are likely to be woken up by the sun which can be troublesome when the days are the longest. Consider as you evaluate dream home options, as natural light and natural heating are great elements, but you also want to be able to sleep well in your new home.

The Neighborhood

While you can update and renovate your home, the neighborhood you have far less control over. As you evaluate your dream home, consider the location, its safety and if you have children, if it is child-friendly. For example, if there are similarly aged children in the area, your little ones may more easily find playmates and have a build-in community close to home. Make sure that the neighborhood is a consideration in your home buying decision.

A Must-Have and Bonus List

As you consider your dream house, it is important to know what you cannot live without and what is a bonus. Having the right number of bedrooms will likely be a must-have, while having a study may be a bonus feature. Being able to differentiate what you must have and what is just an additional benefit is key as you look at homes. Keep in mind that there are also qualities within a home that you can remodel and include later and there are some, like a neighborhood and backyard size that you cannot.

Finding your dream home may be a bigger challenge than you anticipated; however, be assured that you will find something that meets all of your needs. Whether you find everything on your must-have list in an existing property or you renovate to include this, you can truly have it all.