Tips for Feeling Good on Your Wedding Day


When you are ready to get married, it should be the happiest day of your life. However, sometimes with the pressure of hosting a wedding, it can be a stressful experience. Here are some tips to make sure you are feeling your best when you walk down the aisle.

Have Your Bachelorette Party Earlier

A bachelorette party is a rite of passage among the majority of women going from single to married status. However, it may not be a great idea to hold your bachelorette party the night before your wedding, as is tradition. Many times, they involve heavy drinking and staying out until very late at night or early morning. If you want to look fresh and well-rested on your wedding day, and avoid a nasty hangover, try moving your bachelorette party to several weeks before the wedding. This way, you can have as much fun as you wish with all of your bridesmaids, without worrying about having to suffer the consequences the following day when you have to prepare for your wedding ceremony.

Do Not Crash Diet

You may be tempted to crash diet before your wedding, which involves eating at an extreme calorie deficit. This is not only unhealthy, but also dangerous. If you want to lose weight before your wedding, develop a plan a few months beforehand that will help you stay healthy while preparing for your big day. You can also enroll in a program that provides food, nutrients, or supplements, such as Le-Vel Thrive, which will guide you to losing weight even more quickly. This way, you can also develop better eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits that you can sustain after the wedding for better wellbeing overall.

Write Your Vows Beforehand

A good rule of thumb to go by when you are wedding planning is that if something can be done well in advance of the wedding, you should try to take care of it before your schedule gets hectic with showers, dress fittings, and rehearsals. If you are going to write your own vows, it is best to do so well before the wedding. This way, you do not have another stressor to add to your list of things to consider before your ceremony. You can also consult your friends or family if you are stuck on what to write your vows about. Often, those closest to you have good insight on what makes you and your future spouse a happy couple.

Clarify Questions at the Rehearsal

The rehearsal that usually takes place the day before the actual wedding ceremony is a good time to be absolutely sure of the timeline, procession, and other minute details of your wedding day. For example, be sure to consult with the event coordinator about when you would like to walk down the aisle, preview your music and make sure it is correct, and have people rehearse any special readings or rituals that will be performed, in case there needs to be clarification. Additionally, this will give you total peace of mind on the ceremony aspect of your wedding, while focusing on enjoying the special day.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

You can still wear glamorous shoes on your wedding day without having to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of pinched toes and blisters. Be sure to try on shoes well beforehand, and get insoles and other adjustments if you want the shoes but you are experiencing pain. If possible, try breaking in the shoes so that you do not have damage while dancing the night away. There are also several styles of bridal shoes that are designed to keep you feeling more comfortable, that will go well with your dress and other accessories.

You do not have to be more stressed than necessary before your wedding day. With these tips, you are sure to be able to have everything planned, and fully enjoy the ceremony and reception.