The Help You Need to Get the Stains Off Your Floor


The floors of our home's face many challenges. Regardless of whether we have children or pets roaming through the house, our floors are prone to stains. These stains can be caused by accidental spills, scuff marks or even set in the dirt in high traffic areas. Perhaps the biggest challenge of these stains is the fact that we could have different floor surfaces throughout our home. For example, we can have carpeting, linoleum tile, hardwood or stone floors. All of these could have different ways in which care for them and different needs. So, linoleum tile cleaning to remove stubborn stains could be different than cleaning the same type of stain out of stone tile or hardwood floors. Not to worry though there are some effective methods to remove stains from any type of floor surface and some of these are common household products.

Grab The Vinegar

Vinegar is one of those versatile household products. It has various uses around the home including being used as an effective treatment to treat stains in carpets. Creating a solution that is mostly vinegar to help diminish the appearance of a set in carpet stain or to remove it altogether. Just add vinegar along with salt and borax into a solution. For tough dark stains use half of cup of vinegar along with two tablespoons of salt and borax, place on the stain, let it sit and dry then vacuum.

Get Some Cornstarch

One of the most annoying things to get out of our floors are marks left by crayons, markers or even accidental ink stains. Regardless of the floor surface, cornstarch can come to the rescue. Just mix some milk with cornstarch to create a paste place directly on the stain, then let dry. Depending on the surface, if carpeting, gently brushes away than vacuum, if linoleum or hardwood flooring gently wipe away with a cloth or soft brush, then wipe with a damp cloth.

Use a Magic Eraser Sponge

These are all the rage these days for a reason. Again when it comes to markings on the floor including scuff marks regardless of the type of floor surface these work amazingly to get the marks out quickly and gently. Just dampen the sponge with water then gently start to rub on the stain. Before long the marks will magically disappear from the floor.

Use an Iron

This may sound like a silly thing to consider using to get stains out of your floor, but if you have hardwood floors it is certainly something to consider. Hardwood floors can develop what is known as water stains these are usually light discolorations usually white on the surface of the floor. In order to take care of this problem take a clothes iron, set it on low setting and take a nonabrasive cloth. Place the cloth directly over the stain then gently run the iron over the cloth for up to five seconds. Once done, take a cloth dampened with alcohol and gently go over the stain removing any trace of it.

These are just a few handy helpful tips to get the stains out of our flooring. There are several other tricks out there as well, and one way to find most of them is through doing more research to know which treatment works best for your floor surface. One of the best things to remember about stains is to try to get them out right away. Once a stain gets set in it can be more difficult to remove. Remember no matter how much we may clean our floors, they won't look clean if we don't address the many stains that can occur on these surfaces.