The Best Ways To Stay Calm On Your Wedding Day


Getting married is one of life's greatest treasures. Finding the person you want to spend your life with is an amazing thing that your friends and family will want to celebrate with you! As wonderful as this process of planning and going through with a wedding is, it can also be extremely stressful. Everyone seems to have an opinion on your color choices, food and music. You do not want to leave anyone out but only so many people can be by your side at the altar. You also may want a smaller wedding but do not want to offend distant family and friends. And at the end of the day, you and your partner have to stand up in front of people you know and love and profess your love to one another publicly. A wedding can be a stressful event for even the biggest of extroverts!

Despite all of the uncontrollable variables that exist on the day of your wedding, you want to make sure you enjoy yourself. A lot of people wistfully look back at the day of their wedding and wish they had found a way to stay calm and focus on having fun and celebrating their marriage instead of stressing about everything that could go wrong. If you are worried that this may be you, then here are five ways to stay calm on your wedding day.

1. Take CBD

Many people utilize CBD during times of stress or even on a daily basis to manage stress. CBD is an acronym for a substance that is extracted from Hemp and Marijuana plants known as Cannabidiol. CBD has many therapeutic benefits that range from seizure suppression to quelling anxieties. It is commonly taken in a tincture, rubbed on the skin or even in fun and delicious CBD gummies. While you are sitting around with your friends and family the morning of your wedding preparing yourself for the day, grab a few CBD gummies and chew on them. Soon after you might find that your stress melts away and you are able to enjoy the day for what it is: a celebration of you and your partner's unity.

2. Meditate

Meditation may seem a little out there for some people. However it is really not that complicated or difficult. All you have to do is find a quiet space to be by yourself. You can up the comfort on your wedding day by wearing your favorite pajamas and sitting on a comfortable pillow. Then, you close your eyes and just let your thoughts flow through your mind without judging any of them or holding onto any of them. Some people find that doing a short guided meditation via their phone or computer can be helpful in directing their thoughts during a meditation. This will ultimately give you an excuse to take a few minutes to yourself in a quiet room and calm yourself down for the exciting and emotion filled day ahead.

3. Treat Yourself

What is your favorite food that you refuse to indulge in because it is fattening or expensive? That is the food you can eat on your wedding day. Sitting down with your loved ones and indulging in a delicious snack or meal can help you feel happy and energized for the wedding festivities to come. This sort of treat can even provide some downtime for you to go over last minute details with the people around you to make sure everything goes smoothly!

4. Talk To Your Partner

If you find yourself feeling super overwhelmed, the best option may be to just call your partner and have a talk. This will help quiet your heart and reduce your stress, especially if you and your partner agreed not to see each other until you meet at the altar. Hearing their voice can make you feel calm in the best way possible while also staying excited for the day's celebrations.

5. Let Go

If you have made it to the day your wedding, you are doing alright. Everything has been done that can be done and it is time for you to sit back and enjoy getting married to your person! Knowing that the day will end with you and your partner together as a married couple can make everything else seem like small details because let's face it, that is the most important part of anyone's wedding day!