Taking A Big Blended Family Trip To the Movies


Taking A Big Blended Family Trip To the Movies

Going to the movies on paper is one of the easiest and funniest family trips that a blended family can do. But if you do not plan it right, your trip to see a family movie can turn into a horror movie with kids arguing, popcorn being thrown and just a horrible time for everyone! But that will not happen if you follow these sure fire tips for having a fun family night out at the movies.

Choose The Right Movie

It is crazy that in 2017, people still just rock up to the movie theater without any idea on what they are going to see! As an adult this is nuts, but taking kids to a movie theater and then asking “what are we going to see?” is like super nuts! One will want to see a movie that does not start for an hour, another will want to see something that is sold out, another will just flat out refuse to see anything that is suggested. It is no fun at all, so make sure that you pick the movie before you guys head out.

Try And Pre Book Tickets

There is nothing worse than picking your movie, getting the kids all excited and then when you get there finding out it is sold out. You are then dealing with the problem we just spoke about. That is why we will always book our tickets for the movies in advance. First thing, you now that the movie is not going to be sold out. Secondly, you can sometimes save a few bucks by doing this. There is just no reason at all not to pre book your tickets before you get to the theater. Plus most movie theaters these days have an automated ticket machine for people who have pre booked, meaning you do not have to stand in line.

Get There Early

We know that some people hate the ads and the trailers, but for us, that is part of the experience of going to the movies. Our kids have always enjoyed seeing what movies are coming next and what toys and video games are advertised. But as well as this there is another reason for getting there early and that is so you do not have to try and find your seats in the dark. There is nothing worse than being the family with four kids stumbling around in the dark, asking everyone to move so you can find your seat. Get there early, enjoy the previews and avoid the awkwardness of falling into a strangers lap as you try to find your seat in the dark.

Plan Your Seating Before You Go

With older kids, this is not really an issue, but for our first blended family trip, we just sort of sat the kids in any old order and it was not the best. Stop touching my leg, that is my soda, stop breathing… yes, we literally had one kid ask another to stop breathing! You know your kids better than anyone so before you go in decide who is sitting next to who. Usually having an adult in between a couple of kids is the way to go and to keep any fighting to a bare minimum.

Think About Snacks

We have two theaters where we live. One is cool with you taking your own soda and snacks from home, the other one calls in the FBI, CIA and the Avengers if they even think you have a Diet Coke you bought from the local dollar store. Popcorn and drinks are very, very expensive at the movies. Once and a while, we will let the kids get it there as a special treat. But for the most part, we will try and bring our snacks from home. One extra bit of advice is that you should not let them go to town on their drink before the movie even starts. We usually keep the drinks away from them until they actually ask for them. Give out the snacks before the movie starts, but let them know once they eat them all, there are no more snacks! Rustling around in a bag or having to go to the lobby mid movie is a pain in the butt so plan your snacks well in advance.

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