Steps to Create a Spacious Garage You'll Love


Seems like these days everyone's garage is brimming with tools, toys and gadgets. People have accumulated so much that there's barely room for the things you should store, like your car! Think of how much better you'd feel if you could finally rid your garage and your life of all those extras that keep spilling out of it and into your everyday life. If this job sounds insurmountable, it's not. Here are the steps you need to free yourself of the unnecessary things crowding your carport.

Empty Your Garage Completely

Making sense of the madhouse that your garage has become takes time. Be sure you set aside at least a weekend to tend to this tedious task. Remember, it'll get worse before it gets better. Start early in the day and completely empty the contents into your driveway. Once you've removed everything, sweep and clean the interior. Then, step back and admire the wide open space you've now created and formulate your end goal. Ask yourself what you really need to store in this area. Now, it's time to make some decisions about what to put back and what must go.

Decide to Keep It or Donate It

The only permanent solution to keeping your garage roomy is to get rid of the extra stuff once and for all. Most people want to use their garage to keep snow blowers, new sedans and regularly-used equipment dry and safe. If that's your intention, set your sight on downsizing. Separate the items by what you'd like to keep, donate or toss. Make another pile for things you might be able to sell. Discard rusted or broken tools and toys. If you have duplicates, keep only one. As you start eliminating the clutter, not only will the area feel lighter, but you'll feel unburdened as well.

Think in Terms of a Kitchen

Once you know what's staying, formulate a plan on how to store it. Contrary to popular belief, bins, boxes and pegboards are not a solution. They only help you move the mess from one place to another. Remember, your garage is dusty, dirty and damp. Hanging tools where they'll get covered with grime only creates future cleaning. It's time to think of this space as if it were a kitchen. Kitchens are famous for holding utensils that are organized and not seen. By installing cupboards and drawers, you can neatly store necessities where they'll stay clean, dry and out of view.

Get a Shed for the Yard

Another clever solution for keeping more space in your garage is to put a shed in the yard. Sheds come in all sizes and colors, or if you're crafty, you can build your own. Use it to store your lawn mower, weed trimmer and other gardening tools. These items shouldn't be kept alongside your vehicle where a door can get easily dinged. Use the shed to store seasonal goods that aren't in use like snow shovels, lawn ornaments and Christmas decorations. A cute shed also adds charm to your yard, keeping it neat and tidy.

Rubber-Coated Hooks

After your massive garage overhaul, you may still be left with a couple of items that don't have a home. That's when it's time to look up! Installing a few rubber-coated hooks overhead makes the perfect spot to hang a bicycle or other large object. Precisely-positioned hooks are a great place to keep a broom, rake or other equipment that's used routinely.

Enjoy Your Newly-Found Space

Creating more space can work in any size garage as long as you're willing to downsize and dispose of things you no longer use. Now that you own less and every tool has its own place, you'll be able to find them easily, preventing the purchase of duplicates. With all this extra room, you'll finally be able to move around freely and use your garage for its intended purpose--keeping your car safe from the elements.