The winter season can often bring blankets of beautiful and pristine snow and crisp air, however, it can also bring frigid temperatures. It is important to consider ways to stay warm as we embrace the marvel of the winter season so that we can truly enjoy the beauty of wintertime. Consider some of the following suggestions as you bundle up and traverse the chilly season.

Invest in a Good Coat

Beyond a potential fashion statement, coats are an essential component of staying warm during the winter. It is important to consider your best-suited option to remain warm as the temperature drops. While a classy pea coat can be a wonderful statement piece for a stylish winter look, this may be less practical if you want to stay warm and dry during wet winter storms. Consider an outerwear choice that will block cold breezes and one that is waterproof, as these types of coats will offer you some protection from even the harshest and wettest of storms.

Layering Up

Layering clothing can be useful regardless of the time of year, as we transition from indoor to outdoor settings with varying temperatures and regulation. In the wintertime, layering can be even more important, as this is another way for us to stay comfortable and warm when the chilly weather sets in. Additionally, consider how you layer your clothes can be useful, as not all layers are made the same. By having three layers, two close to the body which wick away moisture and insulate followed by an outer layer that is waterproof and blocks wind can prove helpful moving through snow and ice. By considering which fabrics best meet your needs, you can potentially reduce the amount of shivering you do when surviving the cold.

Opt for Fleece

Fabric choices during cooler months can be an important consideration. Just as you would not want to wear a warm, restrictive fabric like wool during the summer months, choosing the right option during the winter months can also impact your level of comfort. Fleece fabric is often a popular choice during cooler seasons, as it can insulate and provide warmth without providing a great deal of bulk or weight. Considering that fleece fabric has been all the rage on the runway, finding plenty of choices in various size, styles and colors should be a breeze.

Staying Warm and Style

Staying warm during the winter does not always lend itself well to the world of fashion, however, with a little bit of planning and some sense of reason, you can embrace the influence of a trendy and comfortable winter season. It is useful to understand that dressing fashionably does not negate sensibility, so before you break out your stiletto heels, consider a more reasonable option for the weather at hand.

Handling the Cold

Covering your hands during the winter can be a less desirable option for anyone who uses their phone a great deal or wants the flexibility of their fingers. However, if your fingers are freezing and could use some protection, consider gloves with technology touchpoints on the tips of the fingers, fingerless gloves or hand warmers. For a more environmentally friendly option, consider a rechargeable, reusable hand warmer to keep you toasty you as it gets colder.

Use Your Head

Hats can be a big lifesaver during colder seasons, as a great deal of heat from your body will escape from your head. By covering up your head, ears and neck, you can trap some of the heat and insulate your body. Additionally, if you usually leave the house with a wet head, consider taking an extra few minutes to dry your hair to avoid a continuous chill. By taking a few extra minutes to remove the excess moisture from your head, you can avoid that freezing feeling.

Avoiding the cold can be difficult if your winter season turns out to be harsh, so consider taking control of the choices you do have, such as winter clothing. There are plenty of available options that allow for comfort during even the wintriest weather, so choose options that are right for your needs, activities and style this season.