Planning the Perfect Proposal

Kevin Gardner

Whenever you are ready to make one of the biggest commitments of your life, how do I plan the perfect proposal? Many men don't know where to start when it comes to thinking for their proposal. The fact is that it is easier than you think. A relationship with someone is building memories together that will last for years. A marriage proposal is a great platform that you have built together. If you do not know where to start, there are many fun ways to pull it off. Whether you want to travel when you propose or close to home coming up with your proposal can be intimidating, so here are some tips to help.

A Truly Loving Speech is Very Important

A good way to plan your proposal is to give your girlfriend a loving speech by telling her how much you mean to her. You will have embraced many amounts of times together just before you surprise her when building up to that one final step. Take her hands while holding on to them gently by telling her how much she means to you and what it would be like to stay together for all time.

Try to pinpoint one exact moment when you knew that she was meant to be in your life forever. Did you first meet at a movie theater or at a Chinese restaurant across town? Be sure to incorporate memories you have together to give it a personal and well thought out touch.

Why Not Capture Your Proposal On Video

There are many romantic and unique wedding proposal ideas to consider. Remember that your proposal doesn’t have to be grand to be romantic. Simple gestures can be romantic as well. Since proposals are the truest forms of expression of each other, be creative and make it personal. On your phone during a brief speech, on a vacation spot, you can record that special moment by a gorgeous setting like a mountain or a beach when things are quiet around you. You can then film her by pointing at a certain part of the scenery where you both enjoy looking, then before she turns to you, she will see her ring. An example like this deserves to be captured on video, even if you use social media with family and friends.

Create A Feature Of Surprise No Matter How Small It Actually Is

One of the biggest things you can do before your proposal can become obvious is to create an environment of the surprise for her, that will be something that she might never expect in fifty years. The best thing to do is to take her off guard. Remember, you want her to feel special. Just say you have a dog, but you want your proposal to be too cute for words. If you can train your dog at home when she comes over, to help pop the question, you can place the ring right on your dogs’ head when he comes up to her.

Another idea is if you both like to fish, you can pretend to be prepared to bait the hook but then place the ring on it which can be an ultimate surprise of her life because who would have thought about using fish bait as a proposal.

If you have close friends or family, this can be unique. Find an ideal place, like your own living room or backyard. A friend or family member you trust can hold up a sign with those famous words; “Will You Marry Me?”. It is not only simple, but the surprise of a lifetime to cry and laugh together.

Planning the perfect proposal can be very special and is something that neither of you will ever forget.