Picking A Family- Friendly Dog That Everyone Will Love


I think it's safe to say that when we think of loyal. loving, to-die-for pets, dogs immediately come to mind. Yes, I know there are dozens of cat owners, bird lovers, and those like George Clooney, whose pet was a pot-bellied pig named Max who'd probably disagree- but I think lovable pooches are the most popular among pet owners. Let's face it, think of all those precious, heroic, and otherwise famous dogs that made their mark in popular culture. Wizard of Oz's, Toto, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Benji. Everybody loves an adorable dog. Nowadays, whenever I visit my local shopping center, it's easier than ever to run into a young lady with a little, pampered pup in tow. And catch a teen scooting by on a skateboard with a little canine at their side. Dogs make the best companions in our lives.

The Kind of Dog You Want

Every family should have at least one good- natured, affectionate dog as an addition to the family-unit. Research states that people who are dog owners are happier, and suffer from less stress. Families that have pet doggies are happier and more well-balanced too. I can certainly recall how much happiness our family dog gifted us with over the years. He was an adorable, fluffy haired cocker spaniel. And he was a bundle! As a kid, I loved taking care of his needs. Our family brought that little guy home as a little pup of only 6 weeks old. So, I went through all that weaning period. The daily feedings, teething, and potty-training. It was an all-around good experience for me, I regarded my dog as a member of the family- the baby brother I never had. That's why I think every family is happily blessed when they decide to add a dog into their lives. Dogs really give comfort to their owners, and we all need that in our daily lives. Right? It's a no brainer that in today's world, families suffer a barrage of stressful times and have to undertake so much economically and emotionally. Hefty work loads, the daily grind of housework, and late-night homework for the kids. But, no matter how stressful or hectic it is- a family's furry companion can help alleviate the anxiety with just a touch of their paw or a spontaneous cuddle.

And these days, finding a pet is easier than ever. You can adopt a precious dog at a local animal shelter, pet store, or find a perfectly-suited puppy that will fit your family's needs by contacting a breeder. There are garden variety of puppy mills, but it's best to choose a pet from a qualified, dog breeder. After all, your family would want a healthy dog and a good-natured type too. If you're a growing family, you will need to find a dog that will be kind, and temperate with babies and young children. Perhaps your family travels a lot, or relocates often. Certain dog breeds are better suited for that kind of lifestyle. There are a variety of things to consider when getting the right dog for your family, and certain breeds are better than others for everyday families. Specifics like a dog's energy level, size, and temperament are a few main things to consider when picking your furry canine.

So, what are some of the best, family-friendly dogs around to choose?

Golden Retrievers- These dogs are loyal, love to be around humans, enjoy an ample amount of activity, and make great companions for kids because of their easy-going natures.

Maltipoos- These little dogs are cross-breed hybrids created by breeding a Maltese with a Miniature Toy Poodle. These cuddly creatures are a combination of smart and sweet. Ideal for single-parent families and those with older children because of their small size and adaptability. And you can easily find Maltipoo Puppies for sale by picking up the local paper and online.

Irish Setters- Famous for their luscious red-fluffy coat, they are perfect dogs for kids and families. They're active characters who love the outdoors and to be around others. Very playful and loving. They make great pets for families.

Collies- These dogs are loyal, dedicated to their owners, and all -around the most trainable dogs. Because of their mild-mannered natures they are great with kids.

Beagles- These dogs are active, playful, loyal, and have a calm temperament- which makes them very family-friendly. Overly affectionate and good watchdogs. They're usually sizably small and can be house-trained easily.