Pets and Kids Are Not The Same


You may house known somebody or are that somebody has a dog that they consider their child or baby. This is common in a lot of pet owners and for those pet owners who do not have children they can not compare any kind of similarities or differences between raising the two. Raising a dog is nothing compared to what it takes to raise another human being.

The amount of effort it takes to raise a baby into a teenager and then finally into a proper adult is the most work a person will ever have to experience doing compared to any other job they will hold in their life. The amount of effort it takes to raise a puppy into an adult dog is almost nothing compared to most of the things that a person can go through in life.

If you really want to find some kind of similarity between raising the to then there are a few.

  • Both puppies and babies poop wherever fan whenever they want and if babies were not required to wear diapers then it would be worse than cleaning up after the dog.

  • Dogs and children rely on their parents to feed them...this would be you.

  • Dogs and babies both give sloppy kisses.

  • Puppies and babies both have a tendency to get into things that they are not supposed to when you are not looking at the only difference is that a baby human can be much faster than the puppy when they have decided they want something.

For the most part everything seems to be quite the opposite when raising a child and opposed to raising a dog. As mentioned before a child can get into trouble a lot quicker than a puppy can and when they do it is usually something much worse than finding a chewed up shoe. Babies can get into cabinets with chemicals, they can fall down stairs, reach for the hot stove, or anything that you can think of that makes you think twice about turning away for a second.

When you raise a child you are hoping to raise a decent human being but when you raise a puppy you expect it to grow into a decent dog. The effort in to making this happen is never as prominent as it would be with your own kid. If somebody fails by training their dog improperly usually the dog has its fate ended horribly without any consequence to the owner. If a child is raised wrong then they have the chance of ending up dead or in jail as well as everything in between.

Children can be way more difficult than pets in the attitude aspect of things. A dog can talk back and if it feels threatened it can attack. A child will throw a tantrum and give an attitude is much as the parent will allow it to happen. If raised right, your kid will have grown to show respect and love towards their fellow family members and friends. As for a dog they can be raised to continuously learn new things but their tantrums can become life threatening if provoked.

When you have multiple children it is much easier to raise them together as a pack than it is to raise a pack of dogs. Your sons will fight for dominance but not the way dogs do. If you know how to introduce a puppy to an older dog without any fighting (there will be dominance shown still) then this too can give you an insight of how things could be with multiple children...if that is what you are planning for of course.

If you have not become a parent of another human being it then adopting a pet is not a bad thing to do in order to prep yourself for a real child. It can have its benefits as far as teaching you what you are ready for and what you are not ready for that part of life. If you cannot find the time to take care of a pet, especially a dog, then you will know instantly whether or not you will have time and effort to put into having a baby.