Optimistic Ways to help Manage the Unexpected

Loretta Jane

While on this life's journey, we make several different plans for the future. We plan our careers, where we want to live, vacations, meals, dates, etc. But when the unexpected happens we tend to freak out. For some of us, it is hard to adapt to change, and so we find ourselves worried, depressed, hopeless, helpless and alone. However, many times that’s not the case. Sometimes when we are faced with the unexpected, when we are faced with circumstances that are out of our control at the moment, our minds tend to create a negative picture in our heads that seems bigger than the problem is. When we are faced with life’s unexpected circumstance, the best thing we can do is have an optimistic view of things and not to allow our minds to accept and entertain negative, defeated thoughts.

The First Step is Acceptance

When you are faced with life-changing situations, such as an unplanned pregnancy, one’s first reaction is usually that of panic. One may begin to have many different kinds of mixed emotions, ranging from fear, doubt, anxiety, joy, excitement, worry, and more. However, no matter what mixed emotions one may be experiencing, we must learn to control all the emotions inside, and accept the pregnancy with a clear, optimistic, open mind, and relax and take the steps that are needed to reduce all of the negative emotions that will try to hinder the good things that are in store for both the parents and the baby. Acceptance does not mean that you have failed or on this road of doom and gloom. It simply means that you have come to terms that there will soon be a new member of your family, and you are ready to do what is needed to have a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and a happy family.

Seek Care and Support

There have been many instances in which women who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy have had to heal from the pains of regret because they reacted too suddenly. Thoughts of worry and fear set in their minds, either because of the fear of what others close to them may think, doubts they are unable to be good parents or thoughts that they will not be able to adjust to a new member of the family. Many have reacted to the thoughts that they won’t be able to provide for a new baby, therefore, they react to the first thing that comes to mind, without seeking counsel, support and researching options that are best for both the parent(s) and the baby. In today's society, with abortion being the top priority for those faced with unexpected pregnancies, many women regret having an abortion once they found out that there were other solutions and opportunities for them to bring a new life into the world. This has caused many women to fall into depression and even have thoughts of suicide. Knowing that you are not alone and that there are help and support for both you and your baby can prevent you from making choices and decisions that may haunt you for a very long time.


There are Hope and Help. There are lots of help and support for those who are faced with unexpected pregnancies. From finding support and help in getting a good OB/GYN provider, help family planning and preparation, financial assistance, parenting classes, and even choosing adoption, there are many agencies and community resources that can help you make the best decision for both you and your new baby. No one wants to deal with the guilt of terminating a life because they were not ready to start a family.

Choosing adoption is the best way to not only allow a new life to live and have a meaningful life, but it also gives a family who may not be able to have children on their find purpose in their lives. Some agencies will make sure your baby is placed in a family that will provide the best love, care, and provisions, allowing your baby to live a full and productive life. Seeking help from such agencies will give you peace of mind, and ease the burdens of choosing what’s best for you and your baby. Some agencies allow you to choose the family you feel is perfectly capable of giving your baby the love, care, support and provision needed to raise a healthy child.