Must-Have Home Décor Trends of 2020


Much like fashion, trends in home décor change, and what was popular a decade ago is likely to offer little to no visual appeal now. While adorning your home with contemporary décor, can increase your home’s value, you would be surprised at home much these trends could change your home’s entire feel. Updating designs can not only improve your home, but it can also serve as an outlet to express your creative energy. Check out these must-have décor choices in your home this year to bring your home into 2020.

Sustainable Energy

Opting for more sustainable energy sources is less of a cosmetic upgrade than a practical one. This trend is not only cost-effective, but it also can contribute to a healthier planet. You can easily reduce your environmental impact with changes within your home. While investing in a solar panel cost may not have been at the top of your décor budget, this can be the home upgrade that you never knew you needed.

Reduced Home Size

Sustainable energy selections are not the only green initiative that is gaining attention. Young homebuyers and environmentally conscious homebuyers are embracing tiny homes and smaller footprints. These smaller spaces require far less energy and upkeep and can be the perfect size for many couples. This reduced size is a trend that has not been popular for several decades; however, there have been major improvements since the last time they were popular. Some of the most beautiful aesthetic choices can be fit into some of the smallest sizes.

Color Choice

Homeowners are often afraid to introduce color into their homes; however, bland walls are a trend of the past. Opt-out of your uninspiring neutral and white tones and embrace bolder colors. There are fun ways to introduce color into your homes like an accent wall that draws your attention or decorative wallpaper. While geometric shapes and greys are out, opt for a bold blue or a floral wallpaper to breathe new life into a room. Don’t be afraid to introduce a bolder color scheme and give your home a sense of personality.

Natural Light

Finding ways to increase the amount of natural light that you have is key in contemporary interior design. This should be a key factor when you are purchasing a home but there are things you can do in your home even after you buy it. Placing mirrors strategically in your home, purchasing lamps that mimic natural light and swapping our window treatment to increase the amount of natural light in your home will play a pivotal role in updating your home.

Combination of Old and New

There is something beautiful about embracing two contrasting pieces in the same design. This is why combining new and old design aspects can be the perfect feature in your 2020 design. The feeling of tradition and classic paired with something a bit more contemporary can build intrigue into your home’s aesthetic. Whether you marry modern colors into a classic piece, you can create the perfect blend in this juxtaposition. This can be achieved through color, texture, or furniture or accessory choice.

High Contrasting Colors

Another feature of home design that is gaining momentum is introducing high contrast colors into the same space. This particular use of color can feel incredibly bold and for some may even feel strange; however, with the right pairing, you can be sure to create alluring visual appeal. High contrast colors that are complementary can give a new sense of charm and glamour. While a classic combination of black and white may feel outdated, pairing white with a royal blue and gold can produce a luxurious and eye-catching design. Consider a color combination that is louder than you would normally select and try embracing a wilder side of your home design.

Updating your décor should be a task that should be scheduled as your home ages to keep it from becoming dated. While updating your designs serve a distinct purpose, to increase your home’s visual appeal and value, this can also become a place for you to invest your design eye into. Bring your home into this century by implementing some of these alluring décor trends.