Managing Weight Gain: The Cannabis Way


The Tried and Not-so-True Methods

Gaining weight and then trying to lose it can be one of the most frustrating struggles for many people in the world. You’ve tried it all. The dieting method doesn’t seem to be very useful. It tends to leave you hungry, and starving yourself isn't the answer. The exercising approach just tires you out, and can be difficult if you have a hectic schedule. The utilization of apple cider vinegar to the lemon juice in your water for the home remedy method seems to be quite an unappealing approach for not only your nose but your taste buds as well. Capsules, on the other hand, seem to still be an available option for weight management, but outside of pills, what other choices do you have? If only there were some sort of alternative a person could do to help him or herself with weight loss. Oh yeah, that’s right! There already is a plant that is quite well-known for its assistance with weight loss.

Inhale, Exhale

Marijuana is the name, and assisting with weight loss is its’ game. Naturally, this weight loss journey isn’t going to happen overnight. Using cannabis, on the other hand, can be a great place to start. It can lower a person's overall BMI and speed their metabolism up without starving in the process. Depending on the strand, many marijuana users develop what is known as “the munchies.” The phrase “the munchies” is one of the results of consuming or inhaling cannabis in the first place. It is the desire to eat more sweets, fats, and salt-rich foods. In other words, it is everything that people tend to love to eat but decide against due to fear of gaining weight. When it comes to the type of food you put into your belly, cannabis doesn’t discriminate. You can eat high-calorie foods and still be able to slide into that new dress or new pair of pants you’ve just bought.

Science Says

Scientists haven’t figured out exactly why cannabis can have such a fantastic effect on a person’s BMI and metabolism, but the results are clear. One study, for example, was about whether or not cannabis can assist individuals who are struggling with weight gain. Before the consumption or inhalation of cannabis, these individuals had BMI’s of 22% to 25%. After using marijuana three days a week for some time, all of their BMI levels went down, with the results being astounding. Their new BMI levels wavered between 14% to 17%. Even though the ends and outs of the reason why is not entirely understood just yet, one thing is clear, when it comes to a more robust metabolism and improving your BMI, cannabis can be an excellent tool for you to use.

The Results are in

Even though cannabis seems to have gotten a bad name for whether or not it should be used, scientists seem to have different thoughts on the subject. Cannabis may be many things but being nature’s medicine is one of them. If cannabis isn’t something you feel comfortable jumping right into using, CBD can be another excellent alternative for people looking for health benefits without the psychedelic effects associated with it. No matter what your thoughts on cannabis may be, the health benefits associated with it seems to speak for itself.