Making Sure your Dog is Healthy and Happy

Kevin Gardner

Canine Health and Well-Being Can Be Easily Achieved

Being a responsible pet owner comes with many levels of care. Your furry companion relies on you to keep him or her healthy and happy throughout their lifespan. It can be easy to get caught up in the hectic schedule of your day to day work but you should never allow your dog to take the backseat to well-being. You took on the responsibility and achieving a well-rounded dog is highly obtainable; even with a busy work schedule.

Fit Fido Into Your Day

Dogs are happiest when they have a purpose. If you work a typical 40 hour work week you need to make exercise a part of your daily routine. You can simply set your alarm a little earlier then you normally would and take Fido for a quick trip around the block. Bored dogs can become destructive, depressed or anxious. Your dog already knows that you will be leaving for the day and a morning walk will get the blood flowing and stretch the muscles a bit. When you get home from work you should also immediately take your dog for a lengthy walk or play a good round of fetch in the backyard. This is quality bonding end exercise time. It is especially handy to have a recommendation for local dog walkers or dog sitter on hand in the event that you get held over at work. Your dog relies on your to be let out and use yard and this is a great way to provide quality care in the event that you cannot do it yourself.

Pay Attention While Out and About

While walking and playing you will need to keep a watchful eye on your furry friend. Dogs are prone to follow their nose and this can sometimes lead to a bit of trouble. Always be aware of what your dog is getting into. If you notice that your dog is suffering from nausea you will want to keep a list of any times your dog gets ill. Nausea in dogs or other animals can be caused simply from ingesting something that they should not have. If it is persistent then it could be viral. If your pet is not feeling better within 24 hours or if the vomiting or sickness gets worse you will want to contact your vet immediately.

Changes To Food or Environment Can Upset Your Dog

Other triggers to upset stomach can be a change in food or environment. Dogs have sensitive stomachs and can become upset when they are adjusting to a new home or if their food was switched. Before you switch your dog’s food you should discuss the technique with your vet. If you are switching due to food allergies you may be able to do an instantaneous switch but if you are switching due to simply trying something new you will need to do a gradual switch. If your dog is acting distressed due to an environment change you can take peace in knowing that once your furry friend is acclimated to his or her new environment it will bounce back to being its normal spunky self. The best way to introduce your dog to a new home is to keep its existing toys and beds since those familiar scents will be comforting. If at all possible try to keep any moving boxes in one centralized area so your dog can freely explore without getting hurt or confused from the clutter. Once your dog is accustomed to the new sights, sounds and smells any stomach distress should disappear.

Dogs are relatively simple pets to maintain. They strive to keep their humans happy and they just want to be near you at all times. Exercise, a healthy diet, play time and veterinary checkups and care when necessary will keep your dog feeling at its peak. When you add a dog to your home you are adding a new family member that wants to be included and loved and will freely give back extensive love and devotion as well.