Little Known Areas to Deep Clean


When you are doing seasonal deep cleaning, you may be wondering if there are other areas that you need to pay attention to besides the usual on your list. Here are some commonly neglected elements of your home that you should focus on while cleaning.


Although baseboards are often neglected, they are an essential part of the appearance of your home. If your baseboards have little dirt or damage, they are relatively easy to clean. Simply use your favorite home cleaner and a paper towel or rag to give them a quick wipe down. However, if it has been a while since you have cleaned your base boards, or they are more dirty than you expected, you may have to put in some extra time and effort to get them sparkling new again. An easy homemade cleaner for dirty baseboards is a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water, which you can use with a microfiber cloth or rag to scrub your baseboards clean.

Linen Closet

Many times, your linen closet is a culmination of years, or even decades' worth of sheets, pillowcases, towels, and other fabrics that are used in your household. Sort out your linens and try to figure out which ones have stains, or need to be washed. For instance, if you need to learn how to remove blood from sheets, consult a source specifically for the material and how old the blood or other type of stain is. For linens that are still in good condition that you may not want to keep, consider donating them to a thrift store or a local homeless shelter, as they always need supplies for their tenants. You can also clean out the nooks and crannies of your linen closet and establish a new organization system that will keep your sheets in the best condition possible.

Under the Bed

You may regularly check for lost items or accumulated junk under the bed, but chances are, you have not given the entire area a deep cleaning. To thoroughly clean the space underneath your sleeping area, you can lift your mattress and remove slats or other supports from your bed frame. Take a vacuum and thoroughly suck up any dust bunnies, dirt, or debris that have built up. You should also keep an eye out for spiderwebs or other critters that have formed their own habitat in the dark corners, as this is a common haunt for eight legged friends.

Air Vents

You may have never looked at your air vents, but just like every other part of your house, they can still suffer from build up of dirt and grime. The best tactic for making them look spotless is by unscrewing or removing the ducts, vacuum up dust, and wipe them down with a simple cleaner, or even just water. If you are unable to remove the vents, be sure to cut off the power source while you are cleaning them, to avoid potential electrical damage. A good tactic is to use a broom for areas that you are unable to reach.

Dresser Drawers

Cleaning out your dresser should involve more than simply sorting through your clothes, and determining what to keep or give away. You should also regularly wipe down and freshen up your dresser drawers, as dust can affect how your clothes look and smell. An easy solution for this is lining paper, which comes in a variety of colors and designs, and even scent bags that are specially formulated to keep clothing smelling fresh and clean, no matter how long it has been in your dresser. You should also periodically organize your clothes to avoid wrinkling and other types of damage.

Doing your cleaning does not have to be a challenging process. With these tips, you will be able to ensure that your entire home is sparkling, and you can showcase a space that you are proud of.