Keeping The Romance Alive In A Blended Family

Keeping the romance alive in a blended family is not easy but it can be done!. Here are some ideas.

Ok so keeping that spark that drew you together ignited is not something that just blended families struggle with, but just any couple that has kids. Here are a few ways to keep the romance in your relationship blooming... Even after you have a ton of kids demanding your attention!

Being a blended family is awesome. Early days of dating may see the two of you sneaking around like teenagers, but then when you bring the two families together it really is magical and you get all caught up in that. But after a while, you wonder where did that spark go? Well, do not worry as I have some fun ways for you to be super romantic, not neglect the kids and hopefully not have them gatecrash a date night because Jonnie has had the audacity to touch the other kid's leg!

Have A Date Night

Some people will tell you to set a date night and stick to it no matter what! That is a little hard to do, but having one or two nights a month with the intention of having a date night is a great way to go. Get one of the grandparents to come round, order them a large pizza, bribe the kids to be good and go out and have a fun time. Catch a movie, go for a meal or just take the time enjoying yourselves. There is nothing wrong with that at all, you love the kids, but you also love each other and there is nothing bad about taking a little time just for the two of you.

I Love You, Hi!

What I mean by this is that while the mornings and evenings can be crazy. You are trying to make a bunch of people breakfast, get them ready for school, break up fights, turn off video games and in general stop the house from turning into pure chaos. You need to make sure that you give each other a little bit of time. Even something as simple as an “I love you, have a great day” or a “hi, how was your day?” can go a great way to reminding each other that you both exist and that you both care about each other. Little gestures like this can go a very long way.


You are not in high school anymore! You can hold hands, you can kiss, you can give each other hugs and when the kids are all asleep, you can go upstairs and… well, you know. Sure you have to tone it down when the kids are around, but a kiss on the lips or cheek, a hug a gentle little squeeze when no one is looking are all great ways to keep things fun and keep that level of intimacy open. When you are tired it is hard to “be in the mood” but you have to make the effort and your partner will greatly appreciate it and it will remind you of why you two are together in the first place.

Do Not Quit!

Being a blended family, especially a large one with multiple kids can be a real drain on any romance. But do not give up, it is not always going to be easy and the kids will require a lot of attention and drive you crazy. But you have to make time for each other, even if it is just a few minutes making out on the couch when everyone else is asleep, a movie once a month or just remembering to say I love you before you leave the house. Never give up!!!

It is so easy to neglect each other in a blended family. This is very important. thanks for the post.

These are really good ideas. Though, I would advise against looking for Pokemon. The hike would be a much better alternative!

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I am a big fan of spontaneous weekend getaways without the kids. :)

Newlyweds can keep the fire burning and the romance alive through romantic getaways! Find the best newlywed retreat that is right for you and your spouse.