Inexpensive Christmas Decorations: An Interior Designers Perspective

Emily Burton

Christmas is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. It’s a time where joy and laughter are shared by almost everyone, and there’s an overwhelming buzz that can be felt across the world. It’s one of the few times people will put away their differences and focus on each other. This holiday can be a lot of fun to decorate for, but it can get pricey if you don’t have a large budget to work with. Here are some ideas for creating your own decorations.

Use Jars

The use of jars goes beyond using them to store food. Jars make great decorations because of their various sizes, shapes, and forms. Most of these pieces come lids, so they can be used to make a homemade snow globe or fun-filled snack bucket. Putting things like peppermint taffy or hot chocolate mix inside them can be used both for décor and eating.

Make Ornaments

Making your own tree ornaments adds a special touch to the festivities of the season. It shows the creative side of your family, but also allows you to create special memories. You can make them out of salt dough, paper, cloth, or various other materials you have sitting around the house.

Hang Snow

Part of the joy of Christmas is enjoying the thought of snow. Some places are not guaranteed to get snow during their holiday, but you can create your own snow inside of your home. Making paper snowflakes and then hanging them through the house can make it seem like it truly is snowy. Adding some glitter to the flakes can also make it sparkle and shine.

Build Houses 

One of the most common holiday traditions is creating a gingerbread house. Although these can be in store, you can also try to make your own from home. You could even turn it into a family contest to see who makes the best ones. Once they are made though, you can leave them out on the counter as decorations.

Shine Lights

Christmas lights are often inexpensive but can be used to make the most beautiful decorations. You can use them to cast a soft glow throughout your house, creating the perfect atmosphere for a movie marathon. They also can look like hanging icicles when strung in certain ways.

Epitomize Nature

The most inexpensive way to create decorations is to use what nature gives you. Using things like pinecones and tree branches can help you create the perfect pieces. You can build a wreath out of branches or use them to cover your mantle. You can also create forest feels by using the greenery all throughout the house. You can brighten it up with some lights and glitter.

String Banners

The Christmas season is filled with so many thoughts and feelings, making and hanging various banners is the perfect decoration. You can display thoughts of joy, peace, and love simply by displaying those words. You can make these banners with various materials and string them letter by letter or put the phrase up as one poster.

Create Presents

While most people will wrap presents and put them under the tree, you can use that wrapping paper to create decorations. Wrapping “fake” gifts and putting them all around the house is a great way to spread Christmas cheer. You can also use the paper as a background or type of cover. Using a little imagination can go a long way when working with wrapping materials.

Start A Countdown

Most people love to countdown the days until Christmas, but kids are especially fond of doing so. These are often popular things for people to buy, but they can be quite expensive. Instead of spending the money on one, take the time to make one together as a family. You can theme it by building the north pole and having Santa count down the days until it’s time for him to leave and bring everyone presents. Or you could create a family of snowmen counting how many snowflakes until Christmas arrives. There are several different ways you could make one of these.

Spread the cheer of Christmas throughout your house by decorating for it. Don’t let money stand in the way of fun when you can make things on your own.