How Your Own Swimming Pool Will Improve Your Life

Loretta Jane

A swimming pool is often the center of many childhood fantasies. If you could only have a pool, home would be the best summertime place ever! The truth is, not a lot has changed. A swimming pool really does make summer better and it's still the dream of many "kids at heart" adults. If this sounds like something you're thinking about, here are eight great reasons that owning a pool will have you enjoying life more than ever.

Saves You Money

Putting in a swimming pool can actually save you a ton of money. Over the next few years, if you subtract all the money you would have spent going on vacation, you'll find that a pool is the budget-friendly option. What you invest in now in affordable inground swimming pool costs will pay for itself by avoiding costly long drives, gas, hotel rooms and the insecurity of an overcrowded beach during a pandemic. Instead, you'll spend a more peaceful and low-cost vacation at home.

It's Great Exercise

Swimming is one of the best full-body workouts you can do. Your entire body benefits when you swim and work out against the resistance of water. Swimming tones and strengthens your arms, legs and your core. It's like a cardio workout and weight training all in one and best of all, you won't sweat up a storm or pay an expensive gym membership!

You'll Beat the Heat

One of the most logical reasons to buy a pool is of course, to beat the heat. On those oppressive days in mid-summer, sometimes there's no relief in sight. When you have a swimming pool right at home, you don't have to wait to get cooled off. Just throw on your suit and dive in! Swimming in the evening is also a splendid way to end a long, hot day.

For Entertaining

A swimming pool makes a lovely backdrop for entertaining whether you're planning an all-out swimming party or a small evening soiree. Small dinner parties by your pool set to the glow of floating candles or patio lights reflecting off the water, make for a magical night. The sound of the water also makes for a tropical feel, perfect for any get together.

You'll Feel Less Stressed

Nothing beats the stress after a hard day at work like coming home and seeing that sparkling water beckoning you. Pools provide the ultimate in relaxation and it feels so good to swim your troubles away. The water will help you feel less tense and after a good swim, you're much more likely to sleep better.

It's Safe for the Kids

If you have kids, they'll be completely on board with making your swimming pool dreams come true. A pool is a great place for kids to spend their summer vacation and to bring friends. Kids will have a blast all summer long and you'll know where they are. Make sure your pool has floats, games and lifejackets and that you're supervising at all times. Kids will need to understand the strict pool rules, too.

You'll Have a Great View

Pools can be quite beautiful and there are so many styles to choose from. You can also select a concrete deck made with patterns and tile. Add comfy furniture, colorful towels and a few tropical plants and the result is your own personal paradise right in the backyard. With such a view, you'll never want to leave home.

Provides Privacy

Having your own pool can afford you the privacy that a public pool or beach can't. Some people feel self-conscious about swimming around others, or wearing a bathing suit. At your own pool, you can relax and be yourself without anyone laughing at your belly-flop routine! You can also use whatever floats and chairs you want wherever the sun is pointing without worrying about someone else's space.

Forces You To Be an Awesome Grandparent

Young families aren't the only ones buying pools. Older people love swimming, too, and are often retired with more time to maintain one. It also gives them the opportunity to be awesome grandparents! Having a pool means more family time and visits from excited youngsters who want to swim all day.

Curb Appeal

If there's a chance you may sell your house someday, a pool certainly can't hurt. There are many families looking for homes that already have a pool installed so they don't have to do it. A well-maintained pool can be an excellent selling point and gives the house positive curb appeal.

The Right Decision

When debating whether putting in a swimming pool is the right decision for you, just remember the money you spend will pay for itself over and over again. Swimming at home will get you outside and provide hours of exercise, fun and entertainment. It's also a terrific way to make great memories with your kids, grandkids and friends.