How to tell mom you love her


Spending Time Together

You already know that your mother loves you so when thinking about ways to say thank you, why not give her the gift of your time? Mom may spend the majority of her time planning your day - activities, meals, transportation, etc - so why not take that burden from her for the day. Plan a fun day with mom so that she doesn't have to do the planning for a change. A day at the zoo, a meal at a new or favorite restaurant, a trip to the mall or even the park can be a fun way to spend some quality time with mom. Websites on the internet can offer local opinions to help you find just the right place to spend some extra time with mom.

Spending Time Apart

Or perhaps what mom really needs is some time away. Everyone needs a break occasionally to relax and recharge and moms typically don't get many opportunities for time off. Maybe instead of more time together, mom could use a little time apart. A gift card to a spa or an appointment for a massage could make her day special and relaxing at the same time. If she is very busy, make sure you make arrangements to take care of her other responsibilities so that she doesn't feel stress over them while she's trying to relax. If you're not sure where to find someplace for these services, try looking it up on the internet.

Make a Meal

Breakfast in bed is a great way to surprise mom and say thank for everything that she does. Dinner works too. A google search for mom's favorite food will certainly yield an easy recipe or two for you to whip up. When mom doesn't have to worry about what's for breakfast or what's for dinner and you get to see a glimpse into her daily life, she knows that you are being thoughtful and supportive of her and all of the effort that makes up her day.


Everyone loves to get presents and sometimes when there isn't enough time to plan something big, a present is a quick way to remind mom how much she means to you. It is also a constant reminder of your thoughtfulness if you purchase something that is non-perishable.

Handmade Gifts

A quick search on Pinterest will give you hundreds of ideas for handmade gifts for mom. Handmade gifts are great because anyone of any age can make a unique gift to show mom how much you love her. From handprint hearts that babies and toddlers can make to intricately drawn cards that teens and adult children can create, there is a craft for every age and ability. Your creativity and time are your only limits.

Store Bought Gifts

If time or talent are not on your side when you're looking for something to give to mom, store bought gifts can be winners as well. Think about things that mom needs but wouldn't buy for herself. Practical gifts may be ok for some moms but when giving a gift to say "thank you" or "I love you" to mom, definitely try something a little more frivolous than a vacuum cleaner. Jewelry is always a safe bet and a beautiful mothers birthstone ring shows her not only that you love her but that you know how much she loves you as well. There is a wide variety of customizable rings that can include as many birthstones as necessary.

Whether your gift to mom is experiential or physical, handmade or store bought, the most important thing to ensure is that it comes with love. Make sure you let mom know that this gift is a representation of your love for her and an acknowledgement of everything that she does for you.