How to Make Your Home Ideal For Children


If you're a parent, you've probably read dozens of articles and books about how to make your home safer for children. But childhood should also be about having fun. If you want to create the ideal home for children, you need to integrate the fun of your child's imagination. There are lots of things that you can integrate into your home that will provide hours or even years of activity in which your kids can create memories to last a lifetime. But what exactly do kids want? There are a couple of themes that continually pop up as things that kids want: slides, the outdoors, pools, and vibrant colors.

Build a Slide

Ideal Home asked UK children from the ages of 4-12 to design their ideal homes. One of the themes that arose were slides on the front of the house. While you probably don't want to add a slide down from your front door to the sidewalk — although, maybe you do — you can still give your children a backyard swing set that will give them a place to spend hours of time playing and imagining.

Bring the Outdoors to Inside the House

Another doable theme that arose from the drawing of these children was a desire to bring nature to the inside of the house. One child drew a treehouse, and while you probably don't want a treehouse for your home, either, you can build one in the backyard. There are other ways that you can bring nature indoors, too, and this one is something that adults will love. Several of the UK children drew large windows on their dream houses. So if you're thinking about doing some renovations, yes, your kids will like the skylight or french doors, too.

Build a Pool

There are so many games that you can play in a pool that they can provide hours of fun every summer afternoon. Pools are also great for entertaining, and they'll provide the perfect place to help your child create memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. In fact, when polled, a pool is one of the main features that children ask for in a house. If you want to have the ideal house for your children to grow up in, build a pool that has all of the best add-ons that will not only fit the lifestyle and aesthetic preferences of the adults in the house but is also ideal for imaginations of children. You can add a slide and a waterfall feature that your kids are sure to love. If you're looking for pool designs in Pensacola, there are many pool-building companies that can bring your dreams to life.

Use Vibrant Colors

One of the things that almost all children agree on is that they love vibrant colors. Ask your child what her favorite color is. You never know; it's entirely possible that you love the same shade of pink or purple. Or if you're not bold enough to incorporate your child's favorite colors into the decor of your living room, you can certainly use it for her room. And if you have a basement playroom that is otherwise not used by other people or for entertaining, let your child's imagination run wild. You can incorporate bright colors into furniture, pillows, or paint. And, after all, if you're using paint, it's fairly easy and inexpensive to paint over it in a few years. House Beautiful gives several paint colors that are perfect for a child's room.

We all want to provide the most vibrant space to let our children's imaginations run free. There are plenty of things that children want that are completely out of line, but there are also many areas in which children's and adults' tastes crossover. Find the things that your child will love, and give her the best memories that she'll remember well into adulthood.