How to Make Payments Simpler


If you run a business, one of your top priorities is making sure that transactions between you and your clients are secure. After all, your client does not want their money to go anywhere except as payment for your services, and you do not want to miss any of the money that you receive for your work. Follow these tips to make sure that your business transactions are easy to complete but also safe.

Strengthen Passwords

As you try to simplify transactions, one thing you may be tempted to do is use the same password or PIN for every financial account you have. Doing so will make logging in easier for you. However, it will also make it easier for a hacker to steal your information and that of your clients. Nothing will lose you business and customers as quickly as having their money and information stolen. Put the time into making strong passwords that contain a variety of symbols, numbers and letters. Consider writing sentences that only you would know and adding in symbols and numbers. If memorization is a problem for you, you could consider an online program that stores your passwords. You can also write them down on paper, but only if you can guarantee that no one else will have access to them.

Formalize Procedures

Particularly if you are in charge of a small company, it can be tempting to conduct business affairs casually. While this approach works for some aspects of business, you will be setting yourself up for many headaches if you do not conduct transactions formally. If you lend money to a client, make him or her sign a promissory note. If you sell goods such as food or clothing, enter each item into your cash register or write it down manually. Even if a client wants to pay with cash, log the transaction. When it’s time to figure out how much profit you made or to fill out your tax forms, you don’t want to wonder how you made the money that you did. Make your calculations easier and ensure that you don’t misplace any of your money by formalizing all transactions.

Nothing will make clients angrier than preparing to pay and then finding out that you don’t accept the forms of payment that they have available. While this situation is not completely avoidable, you can decrease its frequency. It’s understandable to only accept a few kinds of payment now that so many are available. However, if you do choose to only allow a few payment options, make that clear to your clients immediately. If you have an office or store that clients visit, post your policies where they are clearly visible as soon as someone enters. If you operate solely online, have a notice that appears both when people enter the website and as they prepare to pay. That way, people will hopefully notice your policies before they go to the trouble of picking out products that they cannot take home with them.

Understand Options

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the same way of doing business. With new technological advancements for businesses being produced daily, you should regularly check to see if there is any easier way to conduct your business transactions. Perhaps you will find that online banking companies are the best way for clients to pay you, or perhaps you will find an app that makes it easier for you to keep track of a client’s orders. While you should always exercise caution before giving a new company or app your information, you may find that your life becomes much simpler thanks to someone else’s innovations. Change can be good as long as you are careful.

Transactions may be the most important part of your business, but that doesn’t have to mean that they cause you the most stress. Try some of these ways to simplify payments so that you can ensure that they happen without a hitch.