How to Find Positivity Amidst Divorce

Veronica B.

Not only did I choose to get a divorce but I moved over 800 miles away right after 9/11 into a State where I understood a couple of people as acquaintances. I was prepared to start my journey and felt empowered. In trying to help my ex to be the best that he could 18, I had lost myself. When you consider it, it is sad. My ex and I went rather than each hire our own attorney. We had a house and quite a bit of investments, etc. but we settled very amicably. So much in so, before I flew out to go back home in the morning, that we drove to the Court House together the morning of our divorce and that, we took our sons out to supper and to the Outlets shopping. Our boys were 16 and 20 at the moment. I also realized at almost 44 years old, I no longer wanted my parents' approval or anyone else's for that matter but my own. Yes, believe or not you can actually have Inner Peace whilst going through a break up or a divorce. In order to do so, you might need to change your mindset a little. Changing your home security systems password can bring you peace of mind as can changing your mindset. A lot of times, and I have seen this with my clients, they feel like they failed because their union is over. They are not now, but lots of times it is due to the natures of the 2 people were either never aligned although It's not that they failed. You may be thinking if I ever chose to get a divorce it will not be that way or as you read this that is not how mine is going. Sometimes, because of death of a loved one which among the spouses may have had to experience or the fact that so much more has grown then another one, that the natures are aligned. A whole lot of times grows and want things that are different for where they are now in their life.