How To Care for Your Cat When You Have a Busy Work Schedule


It may occasionally happen that you get swamped with work and are unable to spend as much time at home. If this happens and you're only roommate is your cat, that means leaving your cat on her own for hours at a time. Nothing makes a loving pet owner feel guilty faster than the feeling that they've abandoned their pet. It doesn't have to be that way. Before you get on edge, read on to discover ways you can still be there and provide for your lovely feline friend.

Keep Your Kitty Stimulated Physically and Mentally

Keeping your kitty mentally stimulated doesn't mean turning on the television and leaving. It's highly likely your cat doesn't care about late night infomercials or whose approval rating is highest for the upcoming election.

To make sure your feline is stimulated mentally and physically while you're away, providing her with interactive toys will keep her busy for hours. Cats are intelligent animals, so provide yours with a toy that will keep her busy for hours.

Also, make sure your kitty has the energy to keep up with that stimulation. If your kitty needs an energy boots, supplement her diet with probiotics and beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. You can find a Nutra Thrive for Cats coupon online to save money on your first purchase.

Play a Game While You're Away

It's possible to play a game with your cat while you're away. It's a game she may even look forward to once you're out the door. Take four or five of her favorite kitty treats and hide them around the house. Always use the same number so she knows when she's found all of them.

Great places to hide treats would be to hide one behind a couch pillow. Hide another under a piece of furniture that will require her to fish for it with her paw. Another one could be hidden somewhere in the bedroom while another could be found in her toy box. Use the usual places, but don't make it obvious. When you come home, check and see if she found all the treats, and if she did, give her another for doing such a great job. If not, help her find what's left.

Make Sure Your Kitty Is Fed

Your cat is probably accustomed to being fed at the same times each day. If you're not going to be there to provide that nutrition in person, have no fear, there is help. An automatic feeder can feed your cat on your schedule.

Many of these feeders come equipped with timers to make sure a meal isn't missed. Some are even smart feeders, allowing you to feed your kitty from your phone. This can also help you feel more attached to home, even if you're away.

Be sure you provide plenty of water as well. A large bowl should suffice, but there are automatic dispensing options in this area as well.

Check In With Your Kitty

Though your cat is not likely to forget you, it's likely you'll still feel guilty about being away. You can check in with your kitty through one of many available apps and devices. This is 2020, after all. You can use your own tablet and an app on your phone, or you can purchase a fun camera that comes equipped with night vision made especially for long-distance pet visits.

However you check in with the boss of your home, just doing it will take the edge off some of that guilt you've been feeling. It's likely that your pet will be entertained with the digital version of you as well. Maybe you can provide a hint of where to find that last treat.

Your cat may not need you as much as you think she does, but it's still a nice thought, and you should definitely make sure she has her needs met. The main thing is that your girl still gets adequate nutrition and exercise. The rest is just a bonus, and there's not doubt she'll appreciate the effort.