How To Boost Your Energy Level and Keep Up With Your Kids


Have you noticed that your energy level has decreased since your kids were born? There are reasons for this. You may often stay up late caring for your young babies and toddlers. Even when children get older, there are sometimes late-night tantrums or bed-wettings.

The constant cooking and cleaning can take a toll on you, as well. Plus, you rarely, if ever, get a day off from parenting.

While you may want to run around and play with your kids, sometimes you are just too tired to do so. Luckily, there are ways to increase your energy so you can keep up with your active children.

  1. Eat Breakfast

With the hustle and bustle of the morning, it is easy to skip a meal. However, this can affect your body's ability to regulate insulin, which can give you less pep in your step. Instead, ingest a breakfast full of fiber and protein that will satisfy you until lunch. A banana or Greek yogurt is a great option if you are short on time.

  1. Maintain a Good Diet

Your healthy choices shouldn’t end in the morning, either. Every meal or snack should contain the fiber and protein combination that keeps you full and gives you a sustained boost of energy. Besides the aforementioned yogurt and fruit, other solid choices are walnuts, rotisserie chicken and salad.

You should also avoid fasting for extended periods of time. To maintain proper blood sugar, you should eat every three or four hours. Try setting yourself a meal reminder on your phone or fitness tracker.

Sugary snacks such as candy can give you a temporary boost of energy. However, they will also lead to an inevitable crash. You should thus steer clear of these sweet treats.

Drinking coffee late in the day should also be avoided. That’s because caffeine can linger in your system for up to six hours. Ordering a latte after 2 p.m. can thus make it tougher for you to fall asleep at night.

You can additionally take vitamins and supplements to further support your diet. According to the Thrive Reviews website, Le-Vel THRIVE gives you the nutrition you need to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

  1. Use Your Friends and Family

You don’t have to parent your kids alone. Let a trusted friend or relative watch your children each week. You can also arrange play dates where you drop your kids at their pal's house. This will allow your kids to socialize with others while also giving you a chance to relax.

It may be tough leaving your children with someone else for hours at a time. Yet by giving yourself a break to recharge, you can maximize the hours you do spend with them.

  1. Stay Active

You can also head to the gym during your time away from the kids. While it may be hard to work out when you feel exhausted, exercise can actually increase your energy level and help you sleep better at night.

In fact, one study found that doing 20-minute workouts three days a week can reduce your fatigue level by 65 percent. You don’t have to join an intense CrossFit class, either. Just go for regular runs or walks with your friends.

  1. Avoid Waking Up Late

You may be tempted to spend your rare nights at home alone catching up on sleep. However, this can just mess up your internal clock in the long run. You are better off waking up and going to bed at the same time each day.

If you have a toddler, try figuring out when he or she naturally sleeps the best. Set up a regular routine so your kid knows to go to bed or take a nap at this time. You can then re-energize yourself by meditating or laying down while your child rests.

It can sometimes seem impossible to keep up with your kids and their endless energy. Yet by eating healthy, exercising and setting aside relaxation time, you can give yourself the boost you need to chase after them all day.