How To Better Take Care Of Your Household Pet


Beyond Food

Much like human beings, cats will absorb a great deal of their nutrition from food; however, there are times that food does not fully encompass all of the nutrients that we need. If your cat needs additional support in their diet, introducing a probiotic or additional supplement may be beneficial. Consider utilizing nutra thrive for cats coupon that can help support a healthy life without breaking the bank.


Your cat’s food is one of the main sources of their health, as this is where they will get most of their nutrients. As you look at various foods, keep in mind that not all foods are the same. Kittens will need different proteins and foods to support a healthy life than older cats, so keep in mind their specific needs. This also means that you need to balance any treats that you include in their diet, so don’t go overboard despite how cute and persistent they are.

Clean Water

Leaving out a bowl of water is an important part of keeping your kitty hydrated; however, it is necessary to provide them with clean water. This may seem obvious, but with stagnant water, there is the chance that it collects debris and dirt which can be harmful to your cat. Not only is it gross and harmful for your cat, but they are less likely to remain hydrated if they feel the water is unclean.

Enriched Lives

Like all pets, cats need to have some sort of enrichment in their lives. Playtime and intrigue can keep your kitty out of trouble in your home and keep them entertained. Whether they utilize toys, playmates or designated climbing areas or other tools to help amuse them, these are critical for their development and happiness. Not only will your cat live a happier and healthier life, but you can also avoid significant issues with their behavior.

Indoor Cats

Cats who are indoor-only are significantly less likely to experience major health issues from exposure to bacteria or viruses, other cats and potential risks of being unsupervised outdoors. The outdoors can be the perfect place to help enrich your cat’s life, but the unnecessary risks may not be worth it. If your cat enjoys time outside, consider letting them explore the great outdoors in a controlled fashion, such as in a fenced-in backyard, limiting their wandering or on a leash. This keeps them enriched and engaged without the risks of major harm coming to them in your absence.

Regular Vet Trips

With any pet, it is critically important to regularly visit the vet. These visits can help identify tactics to support a healthy life and identify any problems and issues as they arise before they become critical. Just like humans, pets need to attend annual doctor’s visits to support a healthy life.

Rid Your Home of Toxic Chemicals

Many pet owners don’t realize how many toxic chemicals exist in their homes. Items like perfumes, air fresheners, cleaners and even normal foods that you would consume can be dangerous to your cat. Being mindful of what is harmful to your kitty can help you create a safe environment for them. Consider getting rid of the essential oils and products that have VOCs if you truly want to commit to a healthier life for your cat.

Our cats are such an important component of our lives and offer a sense of comfort and enrichment to our existence. While they offer us so much, we must in turn make decisions to support their best life. Through adjustments in our decision-making, we can be sure to support a happier and healthier life for our cats and ourselves.