Home Upgrades: Helping Your Home and Your Family

Kevin Gardner

We all know that the thought of making upgrades to your home can sound quite costly, but some fixes can be both easy and on the lower end of the budget. Most real estate agents will advise homeowners to make home improvements simply to add value, but what about the family? Did you know that upgrading your home can actually benefit your family as well as add significance to the property?

In this article, we will look at five home upgrades that will raise the value and help the overall well being of your family.

Add a Water Filter

Depending on where you live, you might find you and your family buying a lot of bottled waters. An easy and relatively low-cost upgrade is to install a water filtration system for your sink. Not only will buyers later down the road be grateful, but you rest easy knowing that your family is drinking clean water.

This Old House estimates that the cost of this upgrade would be around 120 dollars.

Bathroom Vent Fans

Without the proper ventilation system, a bathroom can become overrun with mildew and mold. Installing a vent fan in this room prevents any future damage to your house. This upgrade also helps avoid potential health problems such as asthma. Installing these fans is a way to look after your family members and your home.

According to Fixr, this installation costs around 130 to 300 dollars and only takes a few hours if done by a professional. The installment of bathroom vent fans is not all that difficult if you have some home improvement experience.

Stair Runners

If you have a wooden staircase, chances are you’ve worried about you or your kids tripping on the way down. You could replace it with carpeting, but that becomes too costly. An easier solution is to incorporate the use of a stair runner. This will reduce the likelihood that a family member will lose traction on the staircase.

This upgrade can be done with woven runners. This Old House expects one to pay around 300 dollars, depending on the size of your stairs.

Yard Improvements

There are a number of home upgrades that can be made to the backyard, each of which adds value to your home while benefiting your family. The Squarefoot Blog names just a few such as adding more light fixtures, bug deterrents, more furniture or a path. These improvements all do a good job of keeping your family safe while having summer fun.

Another consideration for the backyard is to improve or add a fence. Young children and pets can especially benefit from having an enclosed area where they are safely kept behind the perimeter.

Solar Panels and Vents

Harnessing the power of the sun has been a great way to improve one’s home in the last decade. Of course, there are the more well known solar panels that can give your family added electricity. Real Estate also mentions solar vents that can be placed in the attic. By doing this, your family can be properly ventilated, especially during the hot season.

With solar panels and vents becoming more popular, it’s easier to find the right manufacturer based on where you live. For example, all you need to do is search “Bakersfield solar” and you will find a number of dependable specialists.

When using solar technology, you are also helping the environment and those around you. Greenhouse gases, though not seen by the naked eye do impact human life. Solar vents and panels are a way to protect everyone around you.

All of these upgrades are important in adding value to your home, even if you’re not looking to sell your home. They also take care of your family. Simple improvements such as adding a water filtration system or a staircase runner can keep your household safe and happier in the long run.