Home Renovations That Make the Whole Family Happy


A home remodel can take quite a chunk out of your family’s savings account, but the benefits that certain renovations offer might be worth the expense. The most cost-efficient renovations, such as changing out your front door for a new steel door, are great for your wallet, but they may not be interesting and helpful to the entire family. You also want to make sure that any renovations or remodels you do will bring a return on investment if you ever decide to sell your home.

Exterior Upgrades

When it comes to the exterior of your home, appearance is everything. You could spend time doing the landscaping and spending money on a beautiful retaining wall, but will your whole family benefit from the investment? One great renovation you could do on the exterior of the home is the addition or remodeling of a front or back porch. Outside space where the family can gather is a wonderful investment, and it also adds great value to the home. If your existing porch structures aren’t protected from the weather, having a roof installed and screening in the sides can make the space more comfortable. It can also increase the year-round opportunities to take advantage of the space. Replacing windows and doors, or expanding windows into a set of French doors to your new porch space opens up the potential for entertaining and family gatherings. If you are looking into exterior upgrades, installing solar panels for home offer the benefit of saving money on the family budget as well as giving the environment a break. This teaches your kids from an early age to be environmentally-responsible homeowners and citizens.

Bathroom Renovations

For larger families, doing a complete renovation on a tiny bathroom offers functionality and home value. For families with small children, the main bathroom without a tub can present challenges when it's time to bathe. Converting your bathroom space to include adequate lighting, vanity space and a large shower/tub combination allows your family to iron the wrinkles out of their hygiene routines. Creating a separate master bath space in an oversized bedroom can give parents a retreat away from the kids, especially when teenage appearance years start to control the mirror space.

Attic Space Conversions

Many families find that an extra room for a bedroom, playroom, storage or office would be a huge lifesaver, but space can be hard to come by in some neighborhoods and home styles. Converting attic space into a bedroom is quite an undertaking, but the process is worth the investment. Not only can your family continue to grow in your beloved house, but the resale value is extraordinary. If it’s possible, adding a bathroom into the attic bedroom can put your home in a whole new pricing bracket. You may not have increased the square footage, but you have opened up the space to meet more of your family’s needs.

Second Story Additions

Putting a second story on your house will be one of the most expensive renovations you can do, but it can give your family the biggest return on value. Though you will be happy to know that your resale value return is around 70% of what you put in, the best value will probably come from the additional space you bring your family. Work with a contractor that knows how to make the most functional spaces out of square footage. You could convert downstairs rooms into an office or a family den and move two bedrooms and a bathroom to the second floor. Most homeowners don’t want the primary bedroom on a second story, as it gets harder to navigate the stairs as they grow older. You could arrange the space to where it brings income potential in later years as well, once the kids have moved out.

Whether you want to give your family the potential for a better asking price when listing the home for sale or you need to create more space for a growing brood, these additions carry the best of both worlds. Investments like this take time and money, but they are worth the effort.