Helping Yourself Feel Connected To Your Dearly Departed


Grief takes its toll on you as you realize your loved one has left the physical plain. You know that they are all around you or in a better place, based off of your personal beliefs, but you can no longer see or touch them. You miss them, but hate that you can no longer communicate with them how you used to. Here are a few safe ways to keep your relationship with someone you love after death.

Let Yourself Grieve

It is hard to stop your life for a moment and let yourself express strong emotions, but you can either do it in a controlled way or it will happen whether you want it to or not. Doing activities like writing, creating art, or just plain belting out a song that reminds you of the person will cleanse your soul for a minute. Grief comes in waves and sometimes you don’t see it coming. You just need to deal with it when it hits you in a way that heals you.

Reconcile With How They Died

When your loved one died, was it in a horrific accident such as a car crash or an illness in a hospital bed? There are a lot of lingering emotions besides sadness to ruminate on. Looking back on the event can be excruciatingly hard for some. There is a feeling of helplessness and guilt as you try to search for if you could have done more for your loved one in their last moments. The truth is, you did what you could to support them. They know and accepted your love and no longer wish you to feel pain.

Seek Counsel With Another Individual or Group

Because there is a long history of human existence, there is always going to be someone going through a similar experience. You may also receive many resources to find someone to talk with, maybe even seeking out an earth angel to guide you closer to the departed. Talking with family members about how you all are adjusting to life without the dearly departed is also a big help share the burden of loss. The best thing to remember is that you are not alone in this. Reach out to others when you feel like you are drowning in despair and they can be your raft to hold you up and breathe in some fresh air.

Surround Yourself With Pictures of Them

Not being able to physically observe them makes you question whether or not they actually existed. Your reality begins to unravel as you see life continuing on without them and wonder if they were just a dream. Give yourself little reminders that they were here and enjoyed moments with you. It also invites them into the space with you.

Include Them in Special Events

As life continues on, big life events still happen. Graduations, marriages, and other celebrations happen and the missing family member leaves a hole in the hearts of those who remember them. There are many creative ways to include them like playing their favorite song(s), making one of their best foods, or wearing a piece of clothing to signify their presence. There is also an article about a family that released butterflies in honor of the groom’s sister which is quite heartwarming.


Getting closer to your spiritual side will help you work out your emotions. Whatever your belief system holds, it is always good to check in with yourself when you are feeling lost. Sometimes the altered state will even allow you to communicate with the dead themselves, and if not it will at least help you focus on controlling your emotions. There are many guided meditations to access online or you can join local prayer groups to help raise your vibrations.

Talk to Them

Now you do not need to run out and find a ouija board or even seek out a medium for this. Just start speaking out loud as if they are there in person. Not only does that help you release your distraught energies, it will help you feel closer to them. Even though they cannot answer you how they used to, you can at least feel peace in the fact that you are no longer holding onto those questions.

Not Living Does Not Mean Absent

Just because they are no longer trapped inside the body, does not mean that they no longer care about you. Depending on your beliefs, they can be everywhere and they are listening and loving you the best they can.