Giving Your Four-Legged Friend Extra Love


1. Find the Right Supplements

People have been taking supplements for many years, but did you know that pets can also benefit from them? From multivitamins for dogs to CBD oil for cats, there are many products to consider. For example, if you have a cat who scratches too much, there are oil-based treats that can offer relief from dry skin. If Rover suffers from separation anxiety, there are also supplemental options that can help to ease his emotional outbursts. To help things along, most of these products are produced with flavors that appeal to pets, such as beef, lamb or tuna. Instead of struggling to get it down, they may very well beg for more!

2. Bark Up the Right Tree

Most dogs need plenty of physical activity, and it is even better for them if they are joined by you. It often does not matter much what the activity itself may be, as long as you are together. Get a ball or frisbee, find a safe location and let the fun begin! Playing games and romping is not only a great way to bond but will also keep the two of you trimmer and healthier.

Although many of their needs are quite different, cats need exercise and interaction the same as dogs. Cats on leashes may be rare, but you can still get silly and frolic with your favorite feline. Instead of a frisbee, try simple items like string and cardboard boxes. Your cat will be your devoted playmate with regular hide-and-seek-in-a-box sessions and play times spent string-chasing. Happy cats make for excellent companions.

3. Rest and Relaxation

Do you enjoy a rainy morning or a warm summer evening kicking back on the couch or your favorite patio chair? Pets love to lounge too, and most love nothing more than to cuddle up to you at every opportunity. This is possibly the best way to show your pet how much you value him or her, on a level that a pet understands clearly - sharing space means that there is trust, loyalty and a strong bond between you. As an added bonus, having a close relationship with your pet is known to help to keep stress levels down, which in exchange keeps your immunity up and depression away. You can even talk to a dog or cat - it may surprise you just how much your furry friend seems to listen. So go ahead and air your troubles - and your happiness - to your best friend. It is yet another chance to share your life with the ones that you love.

4. Understand the Behavior

They may sometimes appear to have human qualities, our beloved pets have their own unique needs, problems and personalities. Depending upon their background, there may have been past trauma that resurfaces in the form of undesirable habits such as chewing, scratching and persistent barking or meowing. Instead of reacting to the behavior, it is in your pet’s best interest that you attempt to determine what is causing these negative issues. With a little patience, you can work with your pet’s predispositions and naughty moments in order to give him or her the reassurance and stability that has probably been lacking in the past.

No matter what type of pet you bring into your home, it is important to remember that you are now responsible for every aspect of that animal’s life. They depend on their humans for love, sustenance and shelter. As thanks, they give us a priceless experience that will last a lifetime.