Getting Your Blended Family On Board With Healthy Eating!


Getting Your Blended Family On Board With Healthy Eating!

Sure this may sound like it is an impossible mission, but I have some tips for you to help your family make some healthy eating changes that will not result in a mutiny and your whole family wanting to sell you in order to buy some cookies!

Healthy eating is something that most of us parents wish happened more. But it can be such a hard thing to implement, especially when you have new step kids to try and win over. But I do have a few ideas for you that will help make a few changes to your eating habits that will not see the whole family turn against you!

Star With Small Changes

Do not just run into the kitchen and get rid of all the Pringles, cookies, and other food that your kids have been feasting on for years! Start slow, do not buy as much junk food as you have been doing. Instead of buying those full fat cookies, look for low sugar and salt ones, buy raisins instead of candy and so on. Make smaller changes like this and ease the kids and your partner into it.

Lead By Example

You cannot expect people to be on board with your healthy eating crusade if you are hoarding Snickers Bars in your bedside table! Let them see you eating fruit and healthy snacks, but make it a point to let them know how much you are enjoying them. Why would they want to eat an apple if you are looking miserable the whole time you are? Lead by example and they will be more likely (it will still be tough) to follow you.

Try New Foods Once A Week

It can be tempting when you decide to start eating healthy as a family to buy all kinds of new and exciting food from the store. This is a huge, huge mistake! Trust me I am speaking from experience here. What is that? That looks gross! I am not eating that! Are all things your kids and most likely your partner too, will be yelling when you try to introduce a whole line of new healthy food at once. Instead, start with just one item or if you are feeling brave, two. Do this once a week and figure out what kind of healthy food your family likes and run with it.

Have Healthy Snacks In Easy Reach

I got this idea from a friend and I was actually amazed at how well it worked. Basically, you make sure that there is always a selection of healthy snacks that are easy to find. On our kitchen counter top, I had a fruit bowl with apples and bananas in it, the kids would see this and they would grab an apple as they were heading out or even just going up to their rooms! It was a huge success and I added to this by introducing raisins and little baggies of healthy trail mix. If snacks are in plain sight then people will grab them, make sure it is healthy snacks they are grabbing!

Eating Junk Food Should Not Be Banned!

Wanting your blended family to eat more healthy is awesome and I give you a big virtual high five for it. But do not put a full ban on tasty snacks, just do not keep a never ending supply of them in the house. If you are in the store, buying a six pack of candy bars for the family every once and awhile is not a bad thing. Treating the family to Pizza Hut or Burger King once a month is also not a bad thing. Having cheat days and indulging your sweet tooth every now and again is not the worst thing in the world at all. If anything it makes you appreciate the tasty treats even more.

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wow it's so important tips. thanks for sharing very good tips.


It's such a struggle but it's so important. Thanks for the tips!