Five Ways To Look and Feel Young Again- Stay Fresh!


Has life gotten the best of you? Are you too exhausted to put make-up on very morning? Lack of motivation and confidence? In this article I will share with you, not one, but FIVE wonderful ways to keep yourself looking and feeling young and amazing! All your friends will be begging for all of the details!

The Fountain of Youth

Collagen creams, yeah, I know only every brand out there has claimed to be the best, but they all do the same thing, lift and tighten skin. Its referred to as "The Fountain of Youth" because of its remarkable results! Often times, with various trials of different products, people start to see amazing results after about two weeks of use. You will be dying to go out and show yourself off! There are several brands at almost any price point. No need to break the bank. So, run out to your local drug store or your favorite place that meets all your moisturize needs and start knockin' off those years!


Vitamins and supplements! Supplements and vitamins! As our bodies age, they start to lose hold of the essential vitamins it needs to keep you looking young and feisty. Zinc, Q-10, vitamin D, collagen, and vitamin C and E, are just some of the things our bodies need to keep us at our prime. Go pick a good women's multivitamin, and a few supplements to throw in your morning routine to give you that extra boost you need. Trust me, you'll thank me later!

Stay active ;)

Ladies, we all know that as we start to creep up in age, our sex life starts to creep down. Don't let it! Be spontaneous, Be creative. Studies show that sex makes us live longer and feel younger. It's shown to improve your immune system, improve bladder control, and heart health. Now, go grab your love for a quicky in the kitchen! They will love it, and you will feel better too!

Another Diet?

No! Silly. Although, I'm not telling you to go on a diet and lose 30 pounds, I am telling you that you may want to eat a few more avocados, make salmon a weekly dinner, or have a glass of green tea once a day. These are just a couple of things that are rich in the vitamins your skin and body needs to keep up. There are all kinds of foods that help our bodies stay sexy, with their rich, "good fat" qualities.


We all have it. Don't try and deny it. How can we fix it is the real question. Caffeine. I know, but there are many benefits of caffeine for skin. It sounds crazy. But it's true. It has been proven in several studies that caffeine in your system will help reduce the visibility of cellulite by opening up blood vessels creating more blood flow. Paired along side a good, hardcore work out, you'll be looking flawless, girl!

Now What?

We all struggle at one point or another in our lives, with our self esteem, our confidence and dealing with our age. We are all in need of some great health tips to improve our quality of life. But, I am hoping you all can pull some ideas from this list here to start yourself on the road to youth. But, by adding a simple addition to your diet, or having a cup of coffee or your favorite dose of caffeine, keeping those supplements handy and on a good routine, keeping things frequent, and exciting in the bedroom, or a new collagen cream, will keep you looking and feeling absolutely gorgeous!