Kevin Gardner

Engagement rings are considered as the most valuable piece of jewelry to gift to a spouse with. After all, your partner will wear it for the rest of her life, so take time to find a diamond ring that will stand the test of time. The ring will also symbolize your commitment and love to each other as a couple. Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your fiancé may not be a walk in the park. However, these incredible tips can help you find the perfect custom engagement ring for your partner.

Know her Size

Of course, size is the most critical factor to consider when looking for your partner’s engagement ring. A too large ring may get mislaid or slip off while a small one may not fit her finger. Though getting the finger of your partner measured is the best and accurate approach, it may sometimes be impossible. However, don’t worry as there are ways you can get a fitting ring for your spouse before popping in the proposal. You can ask one of her friends to borrow the ring she wears and come with you to a local jewelry store. When looking for an engagement ring, consider a ring that looks small instead of a bigger one that might slip off.

Decide on a Setting

An engagement ring setting refers to the pieces of metal attached to the gemstone. Invisible and prolonged are the main settings of an engagement ring. Prolong settings come with prongs that hold up the gem to allow the entry of light from different angles. The invisible one refers to the settings where the precious stone sits on the metal surface. However, prolonged settings are considered as the most secure engagement rings because the precious stone sits higher on the ring. However, these settings often catch on clothes, but your silversmith will make sure that the gemstone isn’t positioned too high when designing the ring.

Understand Diamonds

Of course, everyone would want their engagement ring to contain a diamond. However, recent research has found that couples now opt for rings with a unique gemstone or birthstones. A ring with 4 c's of diamonds might be the engagement jewelry that holds significant value to your partner or you as a couple. Rings with beautiful sentiments have over time become popular as couples opt not for conventional rings that were made of diamond.


You have first to determine the amount of money you are willing to spend on an engagement ring. Perhaps you have heard of traditions that an engagement ring should cost three times the salary of a man. However, that has changed as people are now basing their budget on what they can afford. Of course, every couple is unique, and what can be right for a couple may be wrong for another couple. You can adopt different elements of your dream ring to determine your budget. Firstly, contact a local silversmith or jewelry designer and let them know your budget and ideas. The designer or silversmith will work around your ideas and budget to sketch a perfect ring for you. If you feel you can’t afford that exclusive diamond rock ring that you always dreamed of, think out of the box and consider alternative options. Your ring designer can recommend design elements such as gemstones and metal options to try to stick to your budget and still achieve the desired style.

Of course, you want everything to be perfect at that moment of popping in that question. However, finding the right engagement ring for your partner can be overwhelming. You have to take time to find the one that fits your budget and matches her tastes. For many men, the time of purchasing an engagement ring might be their first tour to a jewelry shop. Concepts and terms that you have never heard before will probably confuse you, but with these tips, finding the perfect ring for your partner shouldn’t trouble you.