Summer is right on our tails and it is time to start having some family fun! It’s warm out, the sun sets later, the kids are out of school… you can’t help but want to go do things every day! Here are a few ideas to get the summer fun rolling.

Go to the pool or lake

Everyone wants to beat the summer heat and what better way to do that than by dipping your toes in the nice cool water. Bring the floaties and life jackets for the littles, some beach toys, a lawn chair and nice book for you, and sit back and relax! This is such a good activity for the kids because they will be entertained the whole time. You can read your book and get your tan on while they have fun. Or find a family friend to join you guys and have another adult to chat with while the kids play together! This is one of my favorite things to do on a hot day because at the end of the day, on the way home, the kids are all wiped out. Nothing like a quick dinner and fast bedtime after a fun summer day.

Go on a hike

Staying active is important for physical and mental health! Hiking is such a good family activity. Googling local, kid friendly, hikes near me and you will get plenty of options. Make sure to be prepared with some snacks and water. I like to bring trail mix for me and my spouse and granola bars for the kids. Quick and easy. Make sure you lather on that bug spray because hiking in the woods makes you way more prone to bug bites which are killer, especially for little kids. You may have to go some stretches with a child in your arms or on your back, but it is always a fun bonding experience for the whole family and the view at the end makes it worth it. Remember if you are bringing the family dog along (which is always a fun idea) you need to check for ticks when you get home. Ticks on dogs are the worst so you want to handle it right away. You should also check your whole family for ticks as well.

Invite friends over for a barbecue

I think that the definition of summer is “barbecue”. There is nothing better than a yard full of family and friends on a warm summer night with the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers in the air. This is a fun summer idea because it brings everyone together. The kids can play outside and the adults can catch up. All you need is some good meat, chips, drinks, watermelon, and a little corn on the cob. How classic does that sound?

Go on a road trip

Road trips are such a summer thing to do, you have to do at least one every year. Some of the best memories as a kid is when my parents packed us all up in a van and headed out for adventure. It doesn’t really matter where you go because it's all about the trip to get there. Being in a small moving vehicle together for a long period of time always bonds you more than you would think. All the gas station stops and late night drive thru dinners can't be beat.

Go get ice cream

This is such a simple one, but who doesn’t love ice cream? After dinner one night gather the whole family and take a walk to your closest ice cream stand. It will cool everyone down and it’s an exciting treat for the kids.

Go to the drive ins

This is something that is a summer essential. What you do is gather every single blanket you own, go to the dollar store and grab a bunch of candy, put on your pajamas, and drive to the drive ins. You put down all the seats in your car and snuggle up, eating your candy, and watch the new summer movies that have been released. You get the feeling of the summer night warmth while being in your pajamas. The perfect combo!

Summer time is the best time. Spending time with your family and making the most out of the time of year is something we should all try to do. These are just a few ideas to get the ideas rolling and to help you start that summer bucket list!