Energetic Pets, Energetic Life


Keeping pets healthy and happy is the number one priority in a pet-parents life. When your pets are excited to play and go on adventures, you’re much more likely to lead a healthy and active lifestyle keeping you and your family in top-notch shape. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to know what to do when your furry friend has low energy levels. If you’re worried about your pets laying around the house looking miserable, here are 4 ways you can help boost your pet’s energy, giving your whole family a boost of enthusiasm for life.

1. Take Daily Walks

You don’t have to be a marathon runner to stay active. Going on a walk around the neighborhood with your dog each day will provide a break from the usual monotony that your pet feels when secluded in the house. All the sights, sounds and especially smells give your pup time to get excited, not to mention added health benefits from the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D. If you are strapped for time you can break up your pet walks into short 10-15 minute walks a couple times a day. Whether you’re out there for an hour, or a few minutes, walks will help keep you and your pets active giving you both a little more energy each day.

2. Make Play Time a Priority

All work and no play would make anyone sluggish and depressed! Your pet might not be out there doing strenuous and mentally fatiguing work, but laying around the house with nothing to keep them entertained could feel just as bad and make them more likely to have low energy. Taking time to give your pets active playtime will give you bonding time that will release beneficial chemicals in both of your brains. Prioritizing the 20 minutes a day to play Frisbee with your dog, or get out that feather wand your cat loves to chase around will give you time to laugh and enjoy the simple things that your pets love so much. The more your pet is given opportunities to play, the more they will want to get up and play with you.

3. Change up Your Diet Routine

There are many foods that naturally supply different things that your pets' bodies need to stay nourished. Instead of sticking to the same food routine day-in and day-out, try adding some fresh fish or chicken to your cat’s diet. It has been shown that there are 11 essential amino acids that cats cannot produce themselves. If they’re running out of energy, it might be because they are lacking in nutrition. For dogs, adding superfoods such as kale, pumpkin, chia, and quinoa can have a similarly energizing effect. While you’re creating a healthy new diet for your pets, don’t forget about working some new healthy foods into your own diet.

4. Add Beneficial Supplements

No matter how amazing the diet you’ve created for your pet is, sometimes you need a little extra help from beneficial dietary supplements to get your animal feeling as healthy and energized as possible. A good way to select supplements is by checking the ingredients. Looking at ProPower Plus ingredients you will find a probiotic-enzyme blend that supports digestive health. Cleansing the digestive tract helps to pull out nasty toxins that might be dragging your pet down. With less to drag your critters down, getting excited about playtime will be much easier!

Your pets are living animals. Just like you, they need an activity to stimulate their brain and a healthy diet to maintain their best lives. Putting a little bit of effort into creating a healthy lifestyle for your pet will boost their energy levels, but also keep you in the mindset of keeping yourself active and healthy as well. With a few easy to achieve changes to your pet care regimen, you will find both you and your fuzzy buddies feeling more enthusiastic to play and explore.