Eight Ways to Strengthen Your Home


Having a strong and secure home can make you feel safer each night while you are sleeping, but it can also prevent other problems. Consider these methods for strengthening your home in a variety of ways.

Way 1: Repairing a Home’s Foundation

You might ignore your home’s cement foundation until you notice that the floors are slanted slightly. This can lead to other structural problems because your home isn’t supported and balanced properly. Check the edges of your home’s foundation for issues such as crumbling materials that occur from water damage or the soil shifting, and make repairs right away on your own, or alternatively, contact an expert to perform the task.

Way 2: Preventing Infestations from Vermin

Your home should have a barrier system to keep termites away from the wooden or cellulose materials. An exterminator can install devices to keep termites from entering a building, or it is possible to mix pesticides into the soil to deter insects. Other pests can also damage your home, including birds or rodents that enter through a chimney or the loose siding, so you must cover any spaces where vermin can enter.

Way 3: Install an Alarm System

When you want extra protection to strengthen your home and protect your family, install an alarm panel that controls the safety systems of your home, including motion sensors, fire alarms and lighting fixtures. With this type of device, you are alerted during the day or while you are away from home with a smartphone or a computer.

Way 4: Secure Doors and Windows

Most burglars look for homes with flimsy doors or easy to open windows. In only a few seconds, the thieves can enter to find your valuable items. After a home invasion, you won’t feel safe in your home anymore, and unfortunately, burglars can enter a home when someone is present, leading to a serious issue. Install secure doors and windows so that it is more difficult for a burglar to enter your home.

Way 5: New Rooftops

Do you know how old your home's roof is? If you don't, then it may have numerous problems from defects that are caused by severe weather conditions. When a roof’s shingles are loose, moisture and pests can enter to cause problems. To strengthen the structure, call a roofing contractor to inspect, repair or replace your home’s rooftop.

Way 6: Repair Defective Plumbing Fixtures

If you notice a water spot on the floors, walls or ceilings of your home, then you may have a broken water pipe or faulty plumbing fixture. You should learn how to make small plumbing repairs on your own, or you can hire a plumber to fix things. Remember to inspect your home’s water heater frequently because this appliance can also degrade, leading to water damage that will make your home less secure.

Way 7: Maintain Climate-control Equipment

Maintaining your home’s climate-control devices can prevent fires, so you should check an air conditioner and furnace on a regular basis to find problems. Changing the filters in the heating and cooling equipment along with keeping the areas around the equipment unobstructed can ensure that there is proper airflow that prevents overheating.

Way 8: Special Light Fixtures Inside and Outside a Home

If you want to give your home a lived-in appearance, then use special light fixtures or electrical devices in your home. You can have timers on these devices to turn the lights on at certain times of the day or night to make it appear as if someone is at home. You should also install exterior light fixtures in strategic locations to deter burglars.

Have a Home Safety Schedule

To ensure that your home is strong enough, you should inspect it routinely along with making sure that the safety equipment is working optimally.