Do Not Feel Guilty About Taking Care Of Yourself!


Being part of a family is awesome, it really is, but sometimes you get so preoccupied with looking after your own kids, the step kids, your kids friends, your partner, the family pets and the million other things you have to do. That you sometimes forget that it is ok for you to take a little time for yourself too!

Once when I dropped my eldest off at basketball practice, I told one of the other parents that I was now going to go to the coffee shop, have myself a nice big cup of Joe and devour a huge cookie. His response was “I wish I had the time to do that” it made me feel like garbage and filled me with guilt! But then I thought, wait a minute, I am entitled to this half an hour to myself! It got me thinking that far too many of us parents no matter, if we have a small family or a huge blended family, are not taking enough time for ourselves and that is what I want to talk about today.

We All Need A Little Time!

Like I said in the opening, that day I went and had myself a coffee and a cookie, was about half an hour. But that half an hour I had to myself without any kids asking me for snacks, where this and that is or my partner asking where the car keys are for the 50th time that week was awesome! I love my family, I really do, but having a half hour or more if I am lucky to myself once or twice a week can make a huge difference to how drained I feel or even just my general happiness. There is nothing wrong with having a little bit of time to yourself and if anyone tries to make you feel guilty like Mr. Basketball Dad did to me, forget them!!!

You Need A Break

Even if it is just you going and doing the shopping on your own (with maybe a cheeky stop at Starbucks on the way) just getting out on your own and not having to answer a million questions or be at the beck and call of a bunch of rabid kids can do wonders for your overall mental health. We all deserve a little time to ourselves, never forget that.

Find Something You Like To Do!

I cannot tell you how many hours I have wasted just sitting on the couch flicking through my phone when I have been lucky enough to have the house to myself for an hour or when all the kids are at school, classes or friends’ houses. Find some kind of hobby s you can make any rare free time you get more valuable and something you cherish. It can be something as simple as rediscovering a love for reading, painting or something else that is mentally stimulating. Or maybe you can start running or getting out in the garden? Find something that is going to make any alone time you get feel that much more rewarding. I can assure you the kids and your partner will think it is pretty cool that you actually have a hobby and it will show them that you are a person and not just an employee who is there 24/7 at their beck and call.

It Makes You Love The Kids & Your Partner Even More!

Ok, so I have done a lot of complaining in today’s blog post. But when I do get some alone time, I do quite often spend a lot of it wondering what the kids are doing or what me and my partner should do tonight! I know it is crazy that us parents long for just half an hour without having to deal with some kind of kiddie squabble or a meltdown because someone’s cherry lip gloss is missing. But there is nothing wrong with missing the kids when you finally do get a break from them!

Above all else, I just wanted to share with you guys that there is nothing wrong with being a parent and taking a little bit of personal time. It will benefit you greatly and in the long run, a healthier, happier you is going to be much better for your family.